Monday, March 30, 2015

Coach Arnel's Free Fitness Accountability Group

Coach Arnel's Free Fitness Online Accountability Group - Beachbody Fitness Group  on Facebook
Coach Arnel's Online Fitness Accountability Group

Do you need some heath and fitness motivation? What about some FREE accountability?

That's what my Online Fitness Accountability Group on Facebook is all about. I understand the lack of motivation and encouragement everyone can have, I've been there! There are only a small percentage of people who consider themselves as self-motivated, and I was not one of them. It took me some time, but I surrounded myself with some amazing and positive people. People who actually cared about my success, and now I'd like to pay that forward by helping you!

Who can join?
Anyone and everyone! We have a mix of beginners to elite athletes, from Crossfit gurus to Zumba Instructors, and from yogis, P90Xers to Ultra-Marathoners. We even have people who just want to eat healthy! My online group is for everyone! It doesn't matter if you are fit or not, my goal is to create a positive atmosphere for anyone who only wants their best life now.

So what are your goals? It's good to know what you want to accomplish.
- Lose weight
- Become a better athlete
- Tone up
- Bulk up
- Eat Healthier
- Get motivated

Do I have to sign up for anything?
You don't have to do anything that you don't want to =) All you have to do is get a FREE Team Beachbody Membership by clicking here, and you will get added to my Free Fitness Accountability Group on Facebook. This allows me to be your Free Coach and offer you tips, motivation and advice.  No products are ever required to purchase, it's up to you, if and when you want to invest in your health.

How do I connect with you on Facebook?
Right here =)

What can I get out of joining?
- Free motivation
- Free accountability
- Free tips and advice
- Meet other like-minded people
- Free workouts
- Free healthy recipes
- Free invites to exclusive fitness challenges and test groups
- Free giveaways
- Free online chats with other members
and more!

Ok, I need this, how do I begin?
It's simple, just get your Free Team Beachbody Membership here, then message me on Facebook. I will then add you to the group, and introduce you to everyone, it's just that simple =)

Can you help me accomplish my health and fitness goals?
Yes, I will send you a Free Fitness Program Assessment, and based on that, I will give you some options that can assist you with your goals.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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