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Real Results with Beachbody Challenge Groups

Real Results with Beachbody Challenge Groups
Real Results from Real People! 

Have you ever wondered if people are really getting REAL RESULTS with Online Beachbody Challenge Groups? Well, look no further, because I'm going to show you some real people from my Exclusive Challenge Group who are getting some INSANE results from home and even at the gym with programs such as P90X, Insanity MAX 30, PIYO, and 21 Day Fix just to name a few.

Most people go to the gym because they are motivated by watching people exercise. It's a social thing! And let's face it, if you are just starting a fitness journey, it definitely helps when you can get the motivation and accountability from a group of people. And that is why Beachbody Challenge Groups are so successful. I have been running online fitness challenge groups since I first graduated from P90X back in 2010. Well, we didn't have the structure and system that we have today, but we used the same concept: fitness, nutrition, support = success. I remember like it was yesterday how tough it was, but I had an amazing Coach who believed in me, and other people who kept me accountable. Fast forward to present day, I am now a Full Time Beachbody Coach who's #1 passion in life is to help others fight through the struggles and achieve BIG goals!

My Fitness Journey

The cool thing about my Online Health and Fitness Challenge Group is that it is for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an elite athlete, we have a place for you! It's never about competition, it's more about helping others become the best version of themselves! Sounds cheesy right? but it's the TRUTH, and there's no hiding that! It's not about some magic pill, or celebrity secret, it's about connecting with the right people who care and will keep you motivated to workout, help you learn about nutrition, and will support you no matter what! It's about REAL RESULTS from your own hard work and dedication.

So check out these amazing REAL LIFE TRANSFORMATIONS from my Challenge Group, and feel free to message me here. My Coach Team and I will be happy to assist you with your goals! We have Challenges beginning every Monday, so contact me so that I can help find the best challenge for you and your lifestyle.

It's really hard to believe that she was once over 200 pounds! She was pretty much obese most of her life, and she just got sick and tired of being sick and tired. Her turning point was when she wanted to be healthy and happy for her kids. If she continued her lifestyle, she would not live to see her children grow, and that was enough motivation for her to make a change. Vivien has done the Insanity, Insanity Asylum, and the Insanity Max 30 Challenge, and she also participates in obstacle course racing events. She has completely redefined herself, she also became a Coach to help others, just like the Challenge Group helped her. If you are motivated by Vivien, and you would like her to coach you through your fitness journey, please connect with her here.

Real Results with Beachbody Challenge Groups

Real Results with Beachbody Challenge Groups - Vivien Henderson

When Andrew decided to take on his first challenge with Insanity Max 30, he was actually injured and had to modify a ton! But with his hard work and dedication, along with following the nutrition plan and drinking Shakeology, he finished strong with one of the most ridiculous Max 30 Transformations to date. Andrew continues to maintain his level of fitness with Beachbody Hybrid workouts, and is also a Beachbody Coach because of his results. Want to know how he did it? Contact him here, and he will coach you for free!

Real Results with Beachbody Challenge Groups - Andrew Pragel

I first met Gabby at an obstacle course racing event in Tampa, FL. When she told me that she was once 196 pounds, I about flipped out! She is a single mother of 2 children with a very busy schedule, and so she decided to start off with the Focus T25 Challenge because it was only 25 minutes per day. After having 2 children it was a challenge just like it is for most women to get their abs back, but with T25 and Shakeology, along with the help of our Challenge Group, she now has abs!!! She is a huge inspiration to the busy single mothers out there who wants to be there for their children, and at the same time wants to stay healthy and fit. Gabby has goals to make the podium at her upcoming obstacle course racing events, and with her drive and no quit personality, it will happen sooner than she thinks. Gabby is also a Beachbody Coach, so if you are inspired by her, please connect with her here, and she will be happy to assist you with your goals!

Real Results with Beachbody Challenge Groups - Gabby Campos

Melanie helps run one of the most popular all-around fitness gyms in the Tampa, FL area. Prime-8 Fitness specializes in athletic-based performance, boot camps, pilates, obstacle course racing and much more. With Shakeology readily available now at their facility, Melanie decided to give one of the most popular Beachbody Fitness Programs a try, and she went with the 21 Day Fix Challenge. In 21 Days, she focused on the Portion Control Nutrition plan with Shakeology along with the workouts and lost an amazing 8 pounds. "I am feeling stronger, leaner, and healthier than ever before" says Melanie. She continues to drink Shakeology and share it through Prime-8 and anyone else who is ready for a change. Melanie is also a Beachbody Coach as a result of her 21 Day Fix Challenge success. You can visit her at Prime-8 Fitness or contact her directly here for some Free Online Coaching.
Real Results with Beachbody Challenge Groups - Melanie Rosenthal

Weighing in at over 200 pounds, Anousone knew that something had to change. One day he was browsing through Facebook and was inspired by his friend, and now Coach Jay Flores. Jay encouraged him to join one of his Challenge Groups, so Anousone began his journey with the P90 Challenge which was focused more towards beginner fitness levels. At the end of his challenge, he weighed in at 155.4 pounds with 54.6 pounds lost. Anousone was so excited that he decided to take on another challenge, this time he set his sights on the 21 Day Fix Challenge with Shakeology. He continued to see even more results, this time with his nutrition. He was able to complete his first Spartan Race as a reward for finishing his challenge. For Anousone, being healthy and fit is more of a lifestyle now, thanks to his Coach and his experience with his new Challenge Group family. He is currently doing the P90X3 Challenge, and has decided to also help pay it forward. Anousone is now a Beachbody Coach focused on developing leaders and helping the fight against the obesity trend. If you would like to connect with him, and join his challenge group, you can message him here.

Real Results with Beachbody Challenge Groups - Anousone

Real Results with Beachbody Challenge Groups - Anousone Bounket

Always known as a Sugar/Soda/Candy Addict, Jenna laughed at her Coach who invited her to a Challenge Group. She told her Coach Vivien "I've never completed a fitness program ever", let alone a home fitness program. But Vivien believed in her, that's what Coaches do! As a happily married mother of two, Jenna always dreamed of making health and fitness more of a lifestyle, but she always made excuses, just like the rest of us. But one day she committed to the Insanity Max 30 Challenge of all challenges ha ha! The fact that the workouts were only 30 minutes long, and only 60 days, unlike P90X which was a 90 Day program, she decided to commit to it, and she never looked back. She completed the challenge with her husband Tim who also had some amazing results. Jenna now is more happy than ever. She has more energy to play around with her kids now! Jenna and her husband  Tim consistently participate in obstacle course races together to stay active and to be an example to their children. Jenna became a Beachbody Coach to share what Shakeology and Beachbody has done for her and her family life, and trust me, they have one beautiful family! If you would like to chat with Jenna and receive some tips, advice on joining her challenge group, you can contact her here

Real Results with Beachbody Challenge Groups - Jenna Quigley

I call her by Marie =) I met her while running my Free Fit Club in downtown Tampa, FL. She was among one of the most loyal members of 813 Fit Club which I founded back in early 2011. I remember always chatting with her before and after the workout, and she told me that nutrition was always a challenge for her. I encouraged her to join my Challenge Group and after what seemed like eternity, she finally committed to the Insanity Max 30 Challenge. She has always tried to be more active, but without any structure and motivation from anyone, it was always a struggle for her. She graduated from Insanity Max 30 and continues to do various Beachbody workouts along with drinking her Shakeology everyday. She is an inspiration to many people, and her commitment and consistency has proved to be very rewarding. Marie thanks the motivation and accountability of her Challenge Group family for believing in her, it's made a huge impact in her life. 

Real Results with Beachbody Challenge Groups

Real Results with Beachbody Challenge Groups

I can't post about REAL RESULTS with sharing my brother's results. My brother Fermin is the one who introduced me to P90X and obstacle course racing. He inspires me everyday with his determination and his loyalty to his wife, and also Coach, Jasmine. They are a Super Couple, and have been on a fitness journey together since before I started P90X in 2010. Fermin has done most every elite Beachbody Challenge there is, and he is proof that if he can do it, you can too! My brother was the heaviest among all of us in my family, so he had to work the hardest, and he did. He continues to commit to the Beachbody lifestyle and is also focused on teaching people to become entrepreneurs and better humans. If you are inspired by my brother, like I am, please send him a message here, and he will help you with one of his upcoming challenges. 

Real Results with Beachbody Challenge Groups - Fermin Banawa

Real Results with Beachbody Challenge Groups - Fermin Banawa

Real Results with Beachbody Challenge Groups - Jasmine Banawa

And the list goes on! I have been coaching people through Beachbody Fitness since 2010, and to be honest, it never gets old. I love watching people create change in their lives. I love witnessing people go from negative, non-believers to becoming the most positive, uplifting, healthy and super fit people you will ever meet. This is what is so meaningful about what I do as a Beachbody Coach. So what's your story? What changes would you like to make? Are you ready to live your BEST life now? If so, go ahead and send me a message, or anyone of the Coaches above, and we help you get started on a new journey. It will be all worth it, I promise! =)

Take the Beachbody Challenge - Get Started today! 

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