Wednesday, September 9, 2015

813 Fit Club at Curtis Hixon Park - Downtown Tampa

813 Fit Club at Curtis Hixon Park - Free Workout Tampa - Free Bootcamp Tampa - P90X Tampa

So check this out, 813 Fit Club, a free fitness group focused on getting the Tampa community off the couch using the billion-dollar P90X brand hosts free outdoor workouts every 4th Tuesday of the month at Curtis Hixon Park.

I started 813 Fit Club along with my Beachbody Coach Team early 2011, and it has been growing exponentially every year! What started out as a way to just keep myself and other online fitness coaches motivated during our own journey, turned out to be one of the Top Free Fitness Classes in America according to Shape Magazine, you can read the article here.

Featured in Shape Magazine
813 Fit Club at Curtis Hixon Park - Free Workout Tampa - Free Bootcamp Tampa - P90X Tampa
813 Fit Club - Top Free Fitness Class in America

Every 4th Tuesday, 813 Fit Club brings in Certified Beachbody Instructors and local Personal/Group Fitness Trainers to host free/donation-based classes to help the community become more active. All other Tuesday Night Workouts are hosted at the newly-renovated Barrymore Hotel just off the scenic Tampa Riverwalk. Donations are definitely not required, and hardly ever talked about, but it is one of the primary ways that our club has remained strong through the years. It's the support of our members that keep our Fit Club strong and on the cutting-edge. Our members are from all walks of life, we have young professionals, students, single moms, athletes, beginners, as well as Crossfit enthusiasts just to name a few. The one thing that you can get from all of our free workouts is 100% support, motivation, and accountability. It's not about competition or who's doing the most push ups. It's about encouraging each other to do more and be more.

813 Fit Club at Curtis Hixon Park

Although the workouts are all free, members who decide to get more serious about turning health and fitness into a lifestyle, our team of Coaches provide targeted online fitness challenges to help with specific goals. Whether you want to lose 10-100+ pounds, become a better athlete, bulk up, tone up, or just eat healthier, we have a challenge for you!

Since the Grand Opening in 2011, we have always been focused on helping people live healthier and active lifestyles, and we continue to make that a top priority. If you are ever in the Tampa area, please feel free to join us on a Tuesday Night, we'd love to meet you! Visit 813 Fit Club on Facebook here.

Not from Tampa? That's ok =) Simply contact me here, and I can assist you and provide you with some information on some of my upcoming online fitness challenges. Looking forward to helping you achieve your goals!

Coach Arnel

See you soon! 

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