Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Elite Obstacle Race Training with Shakeology

Obstacle Course Race Training with Shakeology - Yancy Camp - OCR Training and Shakeology - Shakeology and Obstacle Course Racing

If you're like most people, then you are pretty curious about trying Shakeology. And if you're one of those people who are addicted to the sport of Obstacle Course Racing, then boy do I have something for you!

I've been involved in the OCR industry since 2011. From racing competitive to recently taking a huge role in helping the sport grow on a global scale with my OCRTUBE.com media project. There is just nothing better than helping people get healthy and fit with Shakeology, Beachbody Programs, and specific OCR Training from some of the best in the industry.

My cause-related media project OCRTUBE.com just affiliated with a very reputable OCR Trainer Yancy Culp. Yancy has trained numerous elite athletes who have all hit the podium at races such at Spartan Race, BattleFrog, and the OCR World Championships. He is the founder of Yancy Camp, an OCR athlete specific training program for anyone who would prefer training from the best in the area of obstacle course racing.

Obstacle Course Race Training with Shakeology - Yancy Camp - OCR Training and Shakeology - Shakeology and Obstacle Course Racing

Since being involved with obstacle course racing and Beachbody health and fitness for some time now, I am a true believer in nutrition. Granted their is no MAGIC PILL out there, and if there was, it's probably not legal. So with that being said, nutrition can be a very complicated thing to the average person. And that's where Shakeology comes into play.

Shakeology can be incorporated into any fitness program such as Beachbody Workouts, CrossFit, as well as OCR specific training such as Yancy Camp. If you eat salads, superfoods, protein, vegetables etc. then Shakeology will fit right into your nutrition plan very nicely, AND CONVENIENTLY.


I'm going to keep it real simple for you. If you would like to try Shakeology risk-free and get a full FREE month of OCR Training via Yancy Camp (provided by me) from elite athletes such as Matt Novakovich, Laura Messner, Rose Wetzel, Miguel Medina just to name a few, than it's quite simple to start!


1.  If you are unsure on which Shakeology flavor to try, I highly recommend that you first order the 7 Day Shakeology Sampler so that you can try the different flavors. Once you decide which one that you enjoy the most, then you can go to the second option below. Get the 7 Day Sampler here!

2.  Order Shakeology (I recommend ordering on auto-ship to save on shipping, you can cancel anytime) Click here to order your 30 Day Supply. Once you have ordered Shakeology, simply go here to choose an Elite OCR Athlete that you would like to train with, and subscribe to that specific trainer. Once you have subscribed, simply message me here, and I will give you a CASH REBATE to cover your first month! And that's it!

Obstacle Course Race Training with Shakeology - Yancy Camp - OCR Training and Shakeology - Shakeology and Obstacle Course Racing


1.  If you would rather take on a Beachbody Challenge to start training for your next obstacle course race, then click here to select the best Challenge Pack for you. You will be added to my exclusive online accountability group to help you get the best results!  Free Online Coaching from me =)

Top Beachbody Challenges for OCR Training:
- Any P90X Challenge Pack (P90X, P90X2, P90X3)
- Insanity Asylum Challenge Pack
- Hammer and Chisel Challenge Pack
- Insanity Challenge Pack
- 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack
- *Club Performance Challenge Pack (includes all P90X, Asylum, and Insanity Programs)
- *Club Shakeology Challenge Pack  (includes all P90X, Asylum, and Insanity Programs)
*Online Streaming online via computer, mobile devices, and mobile app.
Click here to select one of the above Challenge Packs

2.  If you would like training from an Elite Athlete without Shakeology, then simply click here and choose your trainer now. FYI, you will not be eligible for any cash rebate.

3.  Don't need Obstacle Course Race Training, and just want Shakeology? Order Shakeology here now!

Obstacle Course Racing along with Shakeology has changed my life. It's not for everyone, but I have seen hundreds of people live better, train better, and even become financially independent. Whatever path that you take, I wish you the very best and hope to see you at a race somewhere around the world! =)

Are you an Elite OCR Athlete? Message me if you would like to learn how to take your passion and turn it into an online business.

Yancy Camp Train with OCR Athletes

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