Monday, May 30, 2016

RembrandtPark - Outdoor Gym in Amsterdam

Outdoor Gym Park Amsterdam, Rembrandt Park Amsterdam, Beachbody Coach Travel, Digital Fitness Nomad
Rembrandt Park - Amsterdam

I spent almost two weeks in Amsterdam, and although I really love the vibe of the city, I also missed some beautiful nature and just the smell of fresh air. I needed to find a FREE outdoor gym in Amsterdam!

Every time I visit a city, I try to look for places to workout, and being the person that I am, I always look for outdoor gyms. When you need to find something, what do you do? You GOOGLE it, and that's how I found Rembrandt Park.

There were a few gyms near the city center, but again, I was trying to leave the city center, so Rembrandt Park was right up my alley. It took me about 50 minutes to walk there which I figured that would be my warm up or cardio portion of my workout. I also ran there and back on another day. The distance from Amsterdam Central Station to RembrandtPark was about 5K.

The outdoor gym facility was unique from some of the other park gyms that I've been too. Some park gyms do not have actual weights, and only provide calesthenic equipment such as dip bars, pull up bars etc. The most well-equipped outdoor gym park that I've been to was an outdoor gym park in Bangkok Thailand, you can check out my post on that here.

Here is a quick list of the workout equipment that Rembrandt Park provided:
- Bench with weights
- Dip Station
- Bicep Arm Curl Station with weights
- Pull Up Bar
- Lat Station for back workout with weights
- Chest Machine for Chest Flys with weights
- Ab Machine for Core Leg Lifts
- Sit-Up Station
- Leg Machine for sit down leg lifts with weights
And of course miles of trails for running, walking and biking.

I visited this park a couple times and each time I was there, I did a full body circuit incorporating all of the equipment, and I did 3 rounds. As I am writing this, I am still a bit sore =) Finished both workouts with my Shakeology which I take along with me on my travels.

If you have a favorite outdoor park gym that you enjoy, please comment below, I'd love to put it on my list to visit during my travels.

Stay active my friends! =)

Outdoor Gym Park Amsterdam, Rembrandt Park Amsterdam, Beachbody Coach Travel, Digital Fitness Nomad

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