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Choosing a Beachbody Coach for Success

Choosing a Beachbody Coach for Success, Change your Beachbody Coach, Become a Beachbody Coach, Finding a Beachbody Coach
With the members of my 813 Fit Club in Tampa, FL

Some of you reading this post may not know that you can actually choose your Beachbody Coach. Here's the thing, depending on if you have purchased a Beachbody Fitness Program from an infomercial, random Google link, or the official Beachbody or Team Beachbody website, you were probably assigned a coach and you didn't even know it.

BUT the cool thing is that you can request a coach change if you feel that you do not connect with your current coach. Now I do NOT condone this, and it's always best to message your coach before you make a decision to make a coach change, but in all reality, it's YOUR CHOICE.

What if I don't have a Coach, how do I choose the BEST Coach for me? That's what this blog post is all about my friendsters! =)

I'm going to categorize this topic into two parts: Choosing a Beachbody Coach for health and fitness, and the second, choosing a Beachbody Coach for business. I'll break each part into 3 things to look for. Whether you need a coach for health/fitness or business goals, in my opinion, it's ideal to connect with the right Coach based on relatability. As a Beachbody Coach trying to build a business, it really isn't all that important, but it can have some great advantages.

Choosing a Beachbody Coach for Health and Fitness Goals:

1.  Product of the Product - I would honestly look to see if the Coach that you are interested in has either completed the fitness program that you are interested in, or is currently doing the program. Also, is the coach actually using the products, or are they just posting sales and promotions?

2.  Relatability - Do you relate with his/her personality. Are you inspired by their story and/or transformation. Would you hang out with this Coach outside of working out? Do you feel comfortable talking and sharing your goals with this coach?

3.  Consistency - This is pretty similar to the 1st part, but are they consistent with their motivational and inspirational gestures. I would think twice if you see a Facebook post on working out, then a couple hours later, you see another post from a bar. Being human is ok, but in order to ensure that this person is focused on your goals, I would also make sure that they are confident with their own goals as well.

Choosing a Coach to help you with your health and fitness is just as important as HOW BAD you want to achieve your goals, so I encourage you to choose wisely =)

Working out at Wiesbaden Army Gym in Germany
Choosing a Beachbody Coach for Success, Change your Beachbody Coach, Become a Beachbody Coach, Finding a Beachbody Coach

Choosing a Beachbody Coach for Business:

1.  Product of the Product - Just like above, choosing a Coach who is using Beachbody Fitness and Nutrition is pretty darn important. It's like going to a restaurant and asking the owner of the business, "what do you recommend" and them saying I don't know, I haven't tried it.  Having a Coach who is proof that the product works will give you a better understanding of what it really takes to be successful in the business.

2.  Relatability - For me, relating to someone is the key to success. If you feel intimidated, uncomfortable, or anything along those lines, this will unfortunately deter you from having the success that you truly deserve, but then again, as a Beachbody Coach, you are totally independent so even if for some reason you dislike your Coach, you can still succeed with the systems that the company Beachbody has in place. But having a Coach that you can relate to is definitely an added bonus!

3.  Lifestyle - This is definitely not as important as the first two, because the coach that you relate to, who is also a "product of the product" may also be trying to succeed as a Beachbody Coach and still "learning the ropes". But let's say that the Coach that you are interested in is pretty successful, or seems to run a thriving coaching business, ask yourself these questions: "Is he/she living the life that I would like to live? Does he/she live a life of integrity?

Here's an example of LIFESTYLE. There are some Beachbody Coaches out there who seem like they place "materialism" up there with oxygen. They drive nice cars, wear fancy clothes and jewelry, and they may seem that appearance is everything. Now there is nothing wrong with that, because they can do anything they want because they worked hard for that, and it's their life. If you see yourself living that life, then by all means, gravitate towards a coach who lives that life because they can show you exactly how they did it.

And then there are other Coaches who are very successful, but do not get into the material things. They choose to focus on humanitarian and charitable projects. They live minimalist lifestyles, and sometimes give away a lot of their hard-earned income to the less fortunate. They may look like they are average Coaches, but trust me, they are anything but average, it's just that their priorities are a little different.

Oh, and there can also be an IN-BETWEEN. There are plenty of coaches who live simple lives, but also dive into the luxuries of life when they see fit. Now that's the life =).

Beachbody Group Workout at the Super Saturday event in Puerto Rico
Choosing a Beachbody Coach for Success, Change your Beachbody Coach, Become a Beachbody Coach, Finding a Beachbody Coach

So, I hope this helps you choose the BEST Beachbody Coach for you and your goals. Beachbody is a lifestyle in itself. The culture does not discriminate, it is open to anyone who is ready for a physical, mental, and financial change. It's done amazing things for me, and I promise it can do for you too, if you want it! =).

Do you have any questions? Feel free to connect or message me here on Facebook =)

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