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You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with

If there is ONE THING that I know, it's that most of us humans would like to be more happy, healthy and successful in whatever we decide to do.

It really brings us back to our childhood when we were all so innocent. We didn't know anything about hardships, paying bills, relationships, negativity, jealousy etc. All we wanted to do was explore! If we wanted to do something, we would do it. As kids, we were very persistent. We didn't stop until we were able to walk, run, and cry until we ultimately got what we wanted. I remember as a child how much I loved Cocoa Puffs Cereal. My mom knew this, and she would hide the cereal and strategically slide it on the highest shelf in the kitchen, but I always found a way to get to it. It didn't matter if it was on top of the Empire State Building, I was going to get it!! I know all of you have a similar story on how you acheived some of the most impossible feats as a child. We just had NO FEAR!


Or at least some of us did =). Growing up was tough! Our parents started trying to tell is what to do even though we already knew everything!! =) We couldn't get what we wanted anymore because our parents didn't have enough money, we had to start doing chores around the house, and school....we had to start a learning structure, people started trying to control us.

As we matured, we learned more about being hurt, relationships, jealousy amongst people we thought we were friends with. People started to lie to us, take advantage of us, make fun of us, and it just wasn't the world that we expected it to be. We started to grow up and learn about what life was really all about.


We learned about who our real and/or fake friends were. Sometimes the support from our family just became non-existent, or was never there to begin with. Our boss at work showed favoritism towards another employee, or your supervisor became an A-hole just because you were making more money then he or she was. Some of us unfortunately had to take on multiple jobs just to make ends meet, and even then, we couldn't pay our bills. For most of us, vacation time was just not part of the equation anymore. Happiness and relaxation just vanished like a fart in the wind!!

LIFE JUST BECAME TOUGH, so we just shut down and started to GIVE UP!

Some of us started setting goals based on the income that was currently coming in. We couldn't see passed our current situation, and for a lot of us, the question was, "why should we?"

You see, I'm no expert on this topic, but I'm sure that most of you would agree that LIFE just got in the way of everything. People just began to get bombarded with stress, and distractions from other people or things that really didn't matter. People stopped believing in themselves, and started listening to the negativity that was going on in their lives. It just became a world of SUCK!

The bottom line is that people quit because TIMES GOT TOUGH.

People quit because they listen to what others say, and not what's in their heart. People started to care about what others (people who had no bearing on your success) think, and not focus on who's putting the food on the table. People quit because they lack the income they deserve. People quit because they haven't found anything worth fighting for. And sometimes people quit because their decisions lead them to a life of drugs and alcohol.

I was a borderline alcoholic before starting my fitness journey back in 2010
Why People Give Up, Never Give Up, Never Give Up Tips, Top Ways Not To Give Up, Beachbody Coach Success, Beachbody Business Transformation, Filipino Beachbody Coach

I don't want to be the A-hole and be the one to say that GIVING UP is not going to make things better, so I'll just let you to ask yourself that question. Is it?

I have given up plenty of times in my life, so I am far from being perfect myself. But there comes a moment when enough is enough. When are you going to start LIVING YOUR LIFE? It took me many years to get out of a financial and mental rut. I know that many of you reading this right now may be going through a really tough time in your life right now, I understand. I've been there, and I still fight my daily battles. All I can say is that what you're going through doesn't have to be that way. It took a lot for me to come out of my hole and see the sunshine, but I somehow made it, and if you let me, I would like to share with you some of the things that helped me get through the tough times, and how that lead me to stop giving up on me.

Find someone or something that you will NEVER give up on!
Why People Give Up, Never Give Up, Never Give Up Tips, Top Ways Not To Give Up, Beachbody Coach Success, Beachbody Business Transformation, Filipino Beachbody Coach
My daughter is the most important person and the best thing that ever happened to me

This is how I learned HOW TO NOT GIVE UP:

- I started to workout and eat healthier on a budget because I had no money
- I started to surround myself with positive people who had vision and supported my goals
- I found my WHY. Someone or something that I would never give up on. She, my daughter was always more important than my struggles, and I made sure that she was in front of me every single day. When I wanted to quit, I would take my wallet out and look at a photo of my daughter as a reminder why I would never quit on her.
- I found an accountability partner that no matter what, would never let me quit. If I was upset, or didn't want to workout, my partner would simply kick my ass back in gear, we all need that.
- I wrote down my goals, and shared it with people. I even made a cheesy vision board which I was never a believer, until I saw it actually working and started checking things off my bucket list!
- I learned about time management. Time with family, time with business, time with myself, and time with God.
- I learned that travel was my escape. Find your passion that will help you become more creative in helping you reach your goals, not a passion that will distract you.

In my opinion, World Travel is the BEST investment in eduation 
Why People Give Up, Never Give Up, Never Give Up Tips, Top Ways Not To Give Up, Beachbody Coach Success, Beachbody Business Transformation, Filipino Beachbody Coach
Munich, Germany

And that's about it. I know that not everyone will relate to what I did, or the things that helped me learn to not give up, but I encourage you to find what works for you. If you need any help, please don't hesitate to connect with me. I look forward to helping you live your life now!

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