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Bridal Veil Falls - Baguio City, Philippines

Bridal Veil Falls Baguio City Philippines
Bridal Veil Falls - Baguio City, Philippines

Nope, this is not Colorado! Apparently there are waterfalls all over the world who use the name "Bridal Veil Falls", and I'm sure that they are all amazing. But this is in Baguio City, the Philippines. Located just outside of the city through a number of mountainous switchbacks, it took a good 45 minutes to finally reach the waterfalls. We took a taxi from the city centre, which is probably the most expensive way to do it, but our driver was awesome and stopped at different spots along the way to take photos.

Bridal Veil Falls Baguio City Philippines

The best way is to find a UV Express Van to take you. They can be found around the bus terminal areas and their own passenger terminals, just ask anyone at the bus terminal and they will lead you in the right direction. Most UV Express Vans are air conditioned and can seat up to 14 people. The more people that you have going to a specific destination, the cheaper it is for you. This may change depending on where you are at, just ask the operator.

Bridal Veil Falls Baguio City Philippines
 Bridal Veil Falls - Baguio City, Philippines

The taxi driver charged us 670 pesos which is about $14-15 US, which to me was well worth it to have your own driver. It was me and my cousin, so if you were to split it in half, that's like $7.50 US, not bad. Oh, and that's round trip! =).

Kennon Rd View Point Baguio City Philippines
Kennon Rd View Point - Baguio City, Philippines

As far as other things to see in Baguio City, I would highly recommend doing the 2 day Trek to Mt Pulog which is the 2nd highest mountain in the Philippines. We were not able to do it because they do not provide any guided tours during the rainy season, and unfortunately we were in Baguio City during that time =(. We did watch a movie at the SM Baguio, and I was able to hit the gym at Fitness Edge (located inside the SM Mall) which is always a requirement when I travel. Who ever made the excuse about not working out while traveling, or on vacation should do 1,000 burpees like now! =)

SM Baguio City

Fitness Edge SM Baguio

Fitness Edge SM Baguio City

Stay active my friends! 

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