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Working Out While Traveling - Getting Rid Of The Excuses

P90X at the Gym
JLF Gym - Paranaque, Philippines

We've all done it! Whether we go on a weekend family vacation or a "round the world" backpacking trip, we all make it an excuse to not workout and eat healthy, I know.......I've done it! But it doesn't have to be that difficult. Here are some things that I have learned during my travels, and hopefully it may help you stay on track while jet setting or trekking the globe.

1.  DON'T CHANGE - If you are already working out and eating healthy at home, don't change that. Most people change their way of thinking into "vacation-mode" thinking that traveling has to be a BUFFET! All you are doing is going to a different place, that doesn't mean that you have to change your lifestyle.

2.  FIND A GYM - The first thing that I always do wherever I go is look at my accommodations to see if I have enough workout space. I then find out if there is a gym facility on property, or in near proximity to where I am staying. Once I know what I am working with, I can then plan my day around my workouts.

3.  KEEP YOUR FRIENDS ON POINT - I always let my friends and family know that I have to workout and eat healthy so they know how serious I am about my lifestyle. I tell them that I cannot do anything until I finish my workout of the day, and I sometimes even ask them to keep me accountable.

4.  INVITE - Sometimes it's difficult to workout on your own, so I try to find someone who wants to workout too. It's a great way to make new friends, and introduce others into a healthy lifestyle while traveling.

5.  HEALTHY SNACKS - The hardest part is nutrition. When we start exploring a different city or when we are out on a day tour, the healthy food choices are not that great. If you plan ahead and get some healthy snacks such as fruit, nuts, and even Shakeology Packets (that's what I do), then you will not be tempted to buy junk food. I've found that most places sell fruit, and that's a lot better choice than a $.99 cent burger from McYouKnowWhat.

6.  STAY ACTIVE - I always try to find adventure tours or activities while I travel. This will help with your daily calorie burn. I suggest the following: walking tours, city bike tours, hiking tours, local group boot camps, running events, etc. And if you see stairs while you are trekking the city, take them.

7.  JUST HAVE FUN - You're on vacation and you're traveling the world. Have fun! It's ok to try new things, and have a local beer every now and again, just keep everything in moderation. Being healthy and fit will help you enjoy travel a lot more. Why would you visit the Great Wall of China if you can't even walk it? Take care of your body, it's the only one that you have.

So I hope this helps you stay on track. Travel is a gift, and something that should be experienced by everyone. Invest in your health and fitness and I promise, you will be able to enjoy the world in a better way.

Stay active and happy travels my friends!

 Hiking the Banaue Rice Terraces - Philippines
Banaue Rice Terraces

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