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Top 5 Reasons Why Being Fit Helps You Travel Better

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 5 Reasons Why Being Fit Helps You Travel Better

I wanted to post a super quick blog about this because I've been VAGABONDING since the month of March this year, and I've seen so many travelers miss out on so many photo and video opportunities just because they were just too tired to take a few steps up a mountain, or walk just around the corner because they were out of breath.

Come on guys, you've traveled half way around the world, and you are just minutes from taking a shot of a lifetime, or that amazing waterfall that you've been talking about for two years! Now I do understand that some people are in some unfortunate situations way beyond their control, but let's just say that this post has little to do with, if not anything to do with them. This is about people who are very willing and capable, but they decided to not take the extra steps because of the decisions that they made prior to their trip.

It's a short list, but here goes:

1.  ENERGY - Studies show that when you live a healthy and fit lifestyle, you will look and feel more energized. Granted that you continue your lifestyle whilst you are traveling, you will have the natural energy needed to wake up and start your day without coffee or those toxic energy drinks.

2.  ENDURANCE - When you combine cardio with your strength workouts, your endurance level will go through the roof. Anyone can carry a backpack and a camera up a mountain, but to do it for hours or even days, it takes a lot of endurance. Don't get me wrong, strength is very important, and it all depends on what type activity you are doing. To fully enjoy a long trek or an all day tour, your endurance level will play a key role on how you feel. And we all know that if we feel great, "and not out of breath", we will just have more fun! Adding cardio to your strength workouts will help you make it to the end of the trek to get that money shot that you've been talking about for two years =).

P90X Fit
 Morning Run with some Palawan Locals - Philippines

3.  STRENGTH - So here it is! I know that the guys reading this were waiting for this, and you too girls =). Having strength can be the key to either making a trip, or breaking a trip. I've seen people bail out of a mountain hike because they could not lift themselves up over boulders. I've seen people stay on the beach because they said that their arms are not strong enough to island hop with a kayak. I've seen people use horse, name it because their legs weren't strong enough. Having strength will make you feel more accomplished during your travels because you made it to the top of the mountain, it was you that kayaked to 3 amazing islands, and you would have the photos and videos to prove it. Don't just do cardio, make sure that you are doing some weight training, it will go a long way when you finally go on that trip or trek of a lifetime.

Body Beast at the Gym
 Body Beast Total Body Gym Workout - El Nido, Palawan

4.  HEALTHY - This to me is really the most important. I've seen so many people workout hard, a lot of times way harder than me, then they go and eat a combo at McDonalds. What you eat and your nutrition is everything. If your insides look as good as your outside, trust will have the energy, endurance, strength, and you will be happy. Who wants to do an Elephant Trek in Thailand with someone who is not enjoying themselves just because they either drank too much the night before or they ate a crap ton of junk food for the past week. Eating healthy can get tricky while you are traveling, but trust me, it's not impossible.

5.  CONSISTENCY - And for the grand finale! We can be strong, have energy and endurance, eat healthy, but can we be consistent? The more consistent that we are with all of the above, the better experience you will have during your travels. Traveling should not be an excuse to not workout, and not eat healthy, it should be the every reason why you travel. I've been to a lot of places, I've seen a lot of things, and I've seen a lot of people suffer while they travel. It doesn't have to be that way. Like anything, if you stay consistent big things will come out of it. And this my friends, is the secret sauce!

Island Hopping - El Nido, Palawan
Tour C - El Nido Palawan

As the P90X Creator Tony Horton always says "Do your best, and forget the rest", that is the advice that I will give all of you. Like anything, travel is a challenge, but it is one of the most rewarding and most educational experiences that you will ever do. Never stop exploring my friends!

Cliff Climbing Taraw Mountain - El Nido, Palawan
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