Monday, December 8, 2014

GOPRO Video Editing Services by Coach Arnel

GoPro video Editing Services
 GoPro Video Editing Services

Hey guys! So I am very excited to offer my GoPro Video Editing services. But before you consider using my services, please keep the following in mind:

Terms and Conditions:
-  I am NOT a professional, I did not attend formal schooling for film or anything, I am completely self-taught.
-  I only specialize in videos pertaining to: obstacle course racing (Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash etc.), fitness, action sports, and travel. I can do other projects, but I can't promise you anything =) In the past, I have also done wedding videos (I do not prefer this), vlogs, and family reunion videos.
-  I do not have a standard rate sheet. My prices will be based on client request, amount of footage, type of footage, client budget, client deadline etc. (I will try my hardest to work with you and your budget, I do this mainly for fun).
-  I can accept only video footage from GoPro devices.
-  I can accept footage via mail (usb), or Dropbox online file sharing.
-  I use iMovie and Final Cut Pro to edit videos.
-  All videos will be edited for internet uploading to websites, youtube, blogs, etc.
-  All videos will be ready for monetizing granted that you own all the content on your video footage.
-  I will not put copyright music or content on any videos.  
-  I am not affiliated with GoPro, I am totally independent, and edit every video myself, no outsourcing.
-  My video editing services are based on availability

GoPro Video editing Services

What will be included in your GoPro Video Editing Services?
Along with the raw footage previewing and the actual video editing. I will also provide music (no copyright music though), and assistance on how to monetize your video.

Obstacle Course Racing Videos
Travel Montage (more coming soon)
Adventure Travel

I am INTERESTED, how do I contact you?
Awesome, please connect with me and message me on facebook here! I look forward to assisting you! Please also be prepared and message me with the following:
Type of video are requesting (ocr, fitness, travel etc)
How much video footage do you have? (gigs etc)
Do you have a video deadline?
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Other Services: (based on availability)
-  I will film your Obstacle Course Racing event for FREE! (Race Directors only please)
-  I will film you or your team/group etc. doing an OCR (rates apply, message me)
-  I will film your adventure travel tours (travel companies only please)
-  *FREE Blog Set Up Service
Free Beachbody Fitness Coaching and Motivation!

Gopro Video Editing Services

Take the Beachbody Challenge - I'll Coach you for FREE!


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