Sunday, January 18, 2015

Portion Control For Any Fitness Program

Beachbody Portion Fix - Portion Control System - 21 Day Fix Extreme
 Beachbody Portion Fix - Easy-To-Follow Portion Control System

Are you looking for an easy way to MAXIMIZE your fitness results, but lack the proper nutrition to get there? Do you feel hungry all the time, or have issues with over-eating? What if there was a way to simplify your nutrition with a quick and easy portion control system?

Let me introduce you to the Beachbody Portion Fix. It's an easy-to-follow system which includes seven color-coded containers, a Shakeology cup, as well as a simple nutrition guide that tells you exactly what to eat to lose weight without feeling deprived.

Beachbody Portion Fix - Portion Control System
 Beachbody Portion Fix

I don't know about you, but I really hate calorie counting and weighing food! With this awesome Portion Fix, you don't have to weigh food, do any complicated math, or's about simple portion control that anyone can do! Each container corresponds to certain food groups and is specifically designed to deliver just the right amount of food that you need.  No eyeballing required, if it fits in the container, guess what? You can eat it =)

You'll even learn how to incorporate wine and dessert into your lifestyle....the right way, so you can get the best results without giving up the foods that you love.

But check this out, this is the BEST part, you can use the Beachbody Portion Fix to feel better, look better, and totally improve your performance while doing any Beachbody Fitness, or any other program that you love.

Doing 21 Day Fix - 10 Minute Fix for Abs Workout
Beachbody Portion Fix - Portion Control - 21 Day Fix Extreme Nutrition

Here is what the Beachbody Portion Fix includes:

Seven color-coded containers that provide an easy, simple way to learn portion control.
- 1 Green Container: Veggies
- 1 Purple Container: Fruits
- 1 Red Container: Protein
- 1 Yellow Container: Carbs
- 1 Blue Container: Healthy Fats
- 2 Orange Containers: Seeds and Dressings

Containers are precisely measured to deliver proper portions. The containers nest inside each other for convenient, space-saving storage. They are also BPA-free, DEHP-free, plus they are top-rack dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Shakeology cup to measure beverages and incorporate Shakeology into the Portion Fix.
- 25 oz capacity
- measurements markings on the side
- BPA-free
- Top Rack Dishwasher Safe and Microwave safe

The Portion Fix Eating Guide.
- Great for any fitness program including all Beachbody Fitness Programs
- Food list
- Amazing recipes!

PLUS, a FREE gift!
A large blue container that makes meal transportation a breeze!
- Perfect for holding larger meals like salads, healthy pastas from smaller containers

Calorie-Free Modifications using the Portion Control Containers

Take the 21 Day Fix Challenge - Simple Fitness + Nutrition - Free Coaching from ME!

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