Sunday, October 30, 2016

Free Online Yoga Running Camp - 30 Days

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Do this with me and others, details below!

This is much needed for me!!! I just got back from several months of traveling and filming obstacle course racing events non-stop every weekend, and although I was able to get in plenty of workouts during that time, I have to admit that I was just not as consistent. Also, when I'm traveling, I tend to do the workouts that I am already good at, versus the workouts that I need the most work on, which is my flexibility and core.

Filming in Squaw Valley in Tahoe - Spartan Race World Championship 2016
30 Day Online Yoga Running Camp, 3 Week Yoga Retreat and Running, Nike Running App with Yoga, Beachbody on Demand Yoga, Free Yoga Online, Beachbody on Demand 30 Day Free Trial, Yoga Workout Schedule

I am stationary for a few weeks in Florida, meaning that I won't be traveling far distances, or out of the country, so I decided to focus on getting my flexibility and core back, and since it is cooling rather nicely in Florida, I thought it would be perfect to do a Yoga Running Challenge, I call camp =).

It's pretty simple, I will be doing the 3 Week Yoga Retreat on Beachbody on Demand for the first 3 weeks, and then I will be mix matching other yoga workouts which are readily available in the same online streaming platform on week four. During the entire time, I will also be using my Nike Running App and following the 5K Training Program, only because I am only interested in short distance running at this time. If you do this with me, you can choose your running program, you do not have to do the same thing that I am doing =).

I am opening this 30 Day Online Yoga Running Camp to anyone who would love to work on more flexibility with yoga, get a stronger core, focus on eating healthier, and need some running motivation.

This Yoga Running Camp is open to EVERYONE whether you are a Beachbody Coach on a different team, a beginner YOGI, a non-runner, and in between. It's about staying fit and having fun with a group of like-minded individuals. 

The Yoga Running Camp is FREE if you already have a Beachbody on Demand membership. If you do not, it's quite simple, just sign up here for a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL, and you can do it for free too!

There are 3 Options to join with me:

OPTION 1: (On Your Own)
Do this Challenge on your own, message me here for the FREE Online Workout Schedule PDF. You will need to have access to all the Beachbody Workouts on the complimentary PDF. 

OPTION 2: (Group Accountabiltiy)
Do this challenge with other like-minded people in private online facebook group. A FREE 30 Day Trial Beachbody on Demand Membership may be required if you do not have the complete workouts. 

Don't worry, it's free for 30 Days, which is the length of the challenge. 
Free 30 Day Trial of Beachbody on Demand to access your workouts - click here!

OPTION 3: (Highly-Motivated) This is the best option that will include both the fitness and nutrition plus coaching! 
Do this challenge with Shakeology or Beachbody Performance Nutition and have the opportunity to WIN a FREE Race such as a 5K or Full Marathon. You will have a special invite to join other HIGHLY-MOTIVATED individuals through an exclusive mobile app comminuty to track your progess daily. 

Choose a Challenge Pack below:

Club Challenge Pack (includes Shakeology and Beachbody on Demand to access all the workouts)

Club Performance Pack (Includes Beachbody Performance Energize Pre Workout, Post Recovery and Beachbody on Demand to access all the workouts)

As soon as you choose an option, please CONTACT ME so that I can help you get started ASAP! 

*FYI, this will be an on-going online camp. You can join this challenge at anytime, just message me to get added to my exclusive online Facebook group, and I will help you get started. =) 

Getting Started Video: Watch this!

30 Day Online Yoga Running Camp, 3 Week Yoga Retreat and Running, Nike Running App with Yoga, Beachbody on Demand Yoga, Free Yoga Online, Beachbody on Demand 30 Day Free Trial, Yoga Workout Schedule

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Why People Dislike Network Marketers

Top 5 Reasons Why People Dislike Network Marketers, Beachbody Coach Tips, Network Marketing Tips, I hate Network Marketers
The whole truth and nothing but the truth

This is definitely not normally the type of posts that I enjoy writing about, but I thought that I would kinda share my take on the whole thing. For me, I totally understand each side of the coin, and being a full time online networking business owner, and being on both sides, I hope to shed some light and help people better understand more about this hot topic.

For starters, I am a full time Online Beachbody Coach, and I can only speak from my experience, no one else. The things that my team and I do may slightly "to" drastically differ from what other teams, companies, and organizations do otherwise. So take it for what it's worth =).

Top 5 Reasons Why People Dislike Network Marketers:

1.  TACKY SALESMAN STEREOTYPE - We all have been in conversations where you feel that the person that you are chatting with has some sort of hidden agenda. No one likes to be sold, but everyone wants to make a living. I despise sales people, but I've come to an understanding that I can choose to either listen, or simply be polite and let them know that I am not interested. For the person selling, let's maybe brush up on our relationship and people skills instead of trying to sell people the moment you meet them. And for the people on the other end, let's give these people an opportunity to become better at what they do, and if you have time, listen to them and even maybe encourage them. We live in a world where there is way too much hate, but we can all change that by simply listening and encouraging.

2.  ANNOYING FACEBOOK POSTS - Yes, I see this all the time! People always posting about their products, deals, and testimonies. For the most part, most of the products and services are great, it's just all about how the products are presented. For the people who are in the network marketing industry....please remember this: people don't care about what you know or what you're selling unless they know a little bit about you and how much you care. If you are in the networking business, I encourage you to try to naturally share how much the product/s has made a difference in your life (which means you have to be proof that the products work) and REALLY eliminate all the cheesy sales tactics of posting photos of your products just to make a buck, I'm sure it isn't working. And for the people on the other end, understand that this is one of the only industries that allow everyday people to really find success as a entrepreneur. There is a reason why loads of people from the corporate world gravitate towards network marketing, it's because it's a great way to create real wealth and freedom, granted that you aren't lazy and you put in the work.

When you see some cheesy sales behavior, just know that these people are most likely new in the industry, and they need time to grow. Don't be a hater, be a motivator! If you get tired of seeing all the posts, then it's your choice to un-friend them on Facebook. Just be nice =)

3.  THAT'S ALL THEY TALK ABOUT - If you're a network marketer, don't be that guy! The guy that constantly talks about what he has, how much money he makes, and how he can help you make millions! That's a crock, and you know it. The only way that you will get people to listen to you is if you first listen to them. No one cares about your fancy cars and fancy outfits! People relate to real people who understand real life struggles, not easy money. If you are in the networking business, then I encourage you to attend all the training sessions that you can, because talking and bragging about YOU is a surefire way to be UNSUCCESSFUL. If you're on the other end, and you come across someone like this, then just be happy that they are excited about what they are doing. Present a big smile =). You may not be at all interested, but it will say a lot about you if you show people in general that no matter what they do, you are happy for them as long as they are happy.

4.  THEY CLAIM TO BE THE BEST - Let's face it, no one will ever be the best...FOREVER. There are a lot of great products and services out there, so claiming that your product is the best is selfish and biased. As a network marketing professional, it's all about finding out what people want and helping them learn how your product can help them. Get rid of all the upfront mumbo jumbo about why they should do this or take that, and start making it about them first. When you help people learn how it can benefit them in the best way possible, then you've done your job. If you are in the networking field, just know that your products and services will not be for everyone, and that's ok =). It's about creating the BEST experience. People will always remember how they were treated!

If you are on the other end, I would simply ask this person who is trying to share their product or service with you how they think it would benefit you, and how it has made an impact in their life. It's a way start to a great conversation, and even if you don't buy anything, it may lead to a new friendship, and that's really what it's all about......creating relationships and life experiences.

It's not about the money, it's about the relationships and the experiences that you create
Top 5 Reasons Why People Dislike Network Marketers, Beachbody Coach Tips, Network Marketing Tips, I hate Network Marketers

5.  NON-PROFESSIONAL - Everything that is annoying about what Network Marketers do is based on them being a professional or an amateur. When we all start something such as a hobby, career, etc. we always start from square one. It's the part that we all hate to do because it is so tedious and HARD! But this is how we all grow to become what we will one day become, a PRO at becoming a success in our own life. If you are a network marketer, I encourage you to keep on truckin and learning from the people who have made it before you, because trust me, they will help you. That's the most amazing thing about the MLM business, it's really about people helping people. Get rid of the toxic people who don't support you, and focus on the people who do. You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with, so if you want success, be picky who you hang out with, it will make a huge difference!

If you're on the other end, then I encourage you respect people just like you would like to be respected. You don't have to buy products, you don't have to read annoying Facebook posts, you don't have to do anything, but be super nice, smile and have an incredible day =).

About me: I'm just a guy who decided to make some changes in my life to become a better father to my daughter. Beachbody Coaching helped me get my fit life back, become an entrepreneur, and live my passions through helping others, now I'm just paying it forward.

The people I constantly surrounded myself with made the most impact
Top 5 Reasons Why People Dislike Network Marketers, Beachbody Coach Tips, Network Marketing Tips, I hate Network Marketers

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Savage Race Florida - Fall 2016

Savage Race Florida 2016, Savage Race, OCRTUBE, Beachbody OCR Fit, obstacle racing videos
Watch Video Recap Below

Had a blast at the Savage Race Florida event this past weekend! I remember the first time I did a Savage Race was back in 2011, it was an Orlando event and I did it with my coach team and friends! It was from that moment on that they were and continue to be one of my TOP 3 obstacle races to attend.
My first Savage Race - 2011
Savage Race Florida 2016, Savage Race, OCRTUBE, Beachbody OCR Fit, obstacle racing videos

Here is a recap video that I did for my OCRTUBE media project, it was EPIC!

Savage Race Florida - Fall 2016

Did you like this video? You can watch more of my OCR videos here!

Do you enjoy Beachbody Fitness and OCR? Message me to join my FREE Online Group on Facebook where I host specific Online Beachbody OCR Camps for all fitness levels. Contact me here =) 

See you at the next race!! 
Savage Race Florida 2016, Savage Race, OCRTUBE, Beachbody OCR Fit, obstacle racing videos

Try over $4,000 worth of Online Workouts FREE for 30 days!
Savage Race Florida 2016, Savage Race, OCRTUBE, Beachbody OCR Fit, obstacle racing videos

Monday, October 10, 2016

Terrain Race Las Vegas - 2016

Terrain Racing, Terrain Race Las Vegas, Beachbody OCR Fit, OCRTUBE, Pay OCR Forward, Terrain Racing 2016
Terrain Racing Race Director Brad Kloha and I - Las Vegas

I am currently on a road trip filming obstacle races leading up to the OCR World Championships in Blue Mountains Canada. Just a couple weeks ago, I was in Tahoe filming the epic Spartan World Championship, you can see the video here.

Spartan Race World Championship 2016, Tahoe Spartan Beast 2016, Dean Karnazas Spartan Beast, ocrtube
Dean Kranazas and I at Spartan World Championship in Tahoe - 2016

From Tahoe I headed to Vegas to spend some time with my family, and I found out the Terrain Racing was hosting a race in Boulder City, NV. I contacted them to see if I could possibly check out their event and make a video. After a couple messages, I received the go ahead with my media pass.

I was shocked to find out that Terrain Racing has been around since 2011! Being from the east coast, I haven't really heard of this race series, but many of my friends kept on telling me to check them out. I finally did this past weekend, and I was totally impressed. I really enjoyed the family-friendly environment, and the customer service that the race staff provided. Overall, I had a great experience, and would highly recommend this race to anyone. Please feel free to check out my recap video, and I hope to see you at an upcoming race.

Terrain Race Las Vegas - 2016

Do you enjoy Beachbody Workouts and Obstacle Course Racing? I just started a FREE online accountability group where I host free challenges, video calls with elite athletes, and just some good ole motivation and accountability. If you would like to be part of this positive OCR community, feel free to message me here!