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Calculate Your Daily Caloric Needs - Harris Benedict Equation

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Harris Benedict Equation

Ever wonder why you are not losing weight, gaining enough mass, or don't have enough energy? It's most likely because you are not fueling your body with the correct amount of calories that your body needs. Now of course there are many factors that may come to play when discussing this topic, this is just an alternative option to help you pin point what may be the root cause of your inability to reach your health and fitness goals. Feel free to give the Harris Benedict Equation below a try, and as with anything, always listen to your body and adjust as needed.  

Harris Benedict Equation, which is what is employed by the INSANITY NUTRITION GUIDE.

FOR WOMEN, this equation is: 655 +(4.35 x weight)+(4.7 x height in inches)-(4.7 x age)

FOR MEN, this equation is:  66+(6.23 x weight)+(12.7 x height in inches)-(6.8 x age)

This formula determines your basal energy requirements, which is the energy required to maintain your current weight WITHOUT exercise. After completing this step, you'll add in your exercise level below:

Take your number from above and multiply by the level of exercise listed below.
1.2 Sedentary Little to No Exercise
1.375 Lightly Active Light Exercise (1 to 3 days/week)
1.55 Moderately Active Moderate Exercise (3 to 5 days/week)
1.7 Very Active Hard Exercise (6 to 7 days/week)
1.9 Extremely Active Hard Daily Exercise and/or physical job

The number that you now have will tell you your calorie needs for weight maintenance, In step 3, you'll adjust this number up or down, depending on your weight loss or gain goals.

See below:
For weight loss, subtract 500 calories per day from your number in step 2.
For weight maintenance, do nothing, just use the number from step 2.
- For weight gain, add 250-300 calories per day to your number from step 2.

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