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Pai White Water Rafting and Hill Tribe Village Trekking - Thailand

Pai White Water Rafting - Thailand
Pai White Water Rafting - Pai Adventure

White Water Rafting has always been something that I have always wanted to do, and I finally got the opportunity when I was backpacking through Pai, Thailand. I arrived in Southeast Asia in September and have been traveling all throughout SE Asia. I happened to meet a friend of mine in Chiang Mai before going to Myanmar to check out the 11th century pagodas, and she asked if I wanted to go to Pai with her when I arrived back from Myanmar (Burma). I took her up on the offer because I have heard nothing but good things about Pai, and plus I started to get "Templed Out", which is easy to do when you're in Asia =).

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As soon as we arrived to Pai, I immediately started searching for things to do. Just a quick walk down from our guest house, we ran into this place called Pai Adventure. They specialized in adventure tours from kayaking, rafting, trekking, rock climbing, and they also rent bicycles and motor bikes. Upon walking in, I was greeted right away. The staff was very informative and helpful. We decided on a one-day white water rafting tour through the Pai River which included: round trip transportation, rafting tour and equipment, water, lunch, hot springs, and even some cliff jumping.

Pai White Water Rafting - Pai Thailand

The company is run by a Chinese guy who talks really loud, I think he might have been in the military or something, but he assured us that he was not yelling at us, it's just how he talks =). He was very involved with the business (which impressed me), from driving us to the starting point, to giving us a briefing and safety course before getting into the water.

This was my very first time, so I was not really sure what to bring, but I was surprised that I was pretty prepared, a lot more than the other newbies =). Well I'll be honest, I've kayaked many times in the past, so I kinda knew the drill. If it is your first time white water rafting, here is a list of some things that you might want to bring on a one-day rafting trip:

- Flip Flops or Water Shoes
- Swim Suit + Change of Clothes
- Suncreen
- Mosquito Repellant 
- Water Proof Cameras (Gopros Highly Recommended
- Towel
- Toilet Paper for #2 =

The only thing that you need on the raft is what you're wearing, mosquito repellant, and maybe your water proof cameras. Everything else can be kept in your bag which is safely stored in one of their company vehicles. If you do bring a camera, toilet paper, and some sunscreen etc. the rafting guide can store it in his water bag to keep it from getting wet, and thrown overboard.

The rafting trip was just what I expected. It was fun and exciting, but at the same time, very peaceful. The rapids went up to Class 3, which was perfect for me because I am no professional. I fell off the raft once, but it was actually pretty fun! Depending on the time of year that you go, the level of the water can change which can bring in more extreme rapids up to Class 5, but I think that those rapids may be at a different part of the river, and is for 2-3 day rafting trips. Definitely not for the novice.

After a whole day of rafting, we made a last minute decision to do some Hill Tribe Village Trekking the next day. So we ended up sleeping overnight at a Hill Tribe Village home, which happened to be the home of one of our tour guides. There were only 600 people living in this village. His family cooked dinner and breakfast for us, it was an amazing experience. We stayed up all night listening to tribal stories and even sipping on some village moonshine (just one for me).

Hill tribe Village Trekking - Pai Thailand
Breakfast before our Hill Tribe Trek

The next day we did a 5-6 hour hill tribe trek through some of the most remote villages in and around Pai. Seeing how the villagers lived off the land was an eye opening experience. Sometimes we think that we have a tough life, and then you see how hard these villagers work for the very little amount of money that they make, it's a very humbling experience.

Hill tribe Village Trekking - Pai Thailand

Overall, my time in Pai was nothing short but amazing. I only wish that I spent more time there. Who knows, I'll probably be back =)

Here is a little 3 minute video of our little Pai Adventure, enjoy and I hope you too can experience this wonderful place!

Pai White Water Rafting and Hill Tribe Village Trekking - Thailand


Stay active my friends!  

Hill tribe Village Trekking - Pai Thailand

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