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How to Stay Motivated While Working Out from Home

How to Stay Motivated While Working Out from Home - P90X Motivation
 7 Ways to Stay Motivated While Working Out from Home

When I began my fitness journey back in September 2010, the question that I asked myself was "how in the heck am I going to keep myself motivated while working out at home?" In the beginning, I preferred to workout at home because I worked a lot of hours (I had 3 jobs), and my income was limited so I could not afford a gym membership or a personal trainer. I started with P90X which was given to me by my brother Fermin Banawa, and that's how it all started. Even though I am a naturally self-motivated person, I unfortunately had plenty of days where I needed some help with staying motivated and accountable. These are the 7 things that kept me motivated while working out at home, which could also be implemented to working out at the gym.

7 Ways to Stay Motivated While Working Out at Home:

1.  GET A FREE COACH - Nothing beats having a Free Coach to be there for you while you are going through your fitness journey. Working out at home is tough, but having a coach who can be there for you online anytime can be a game changer. A free coach can give you advice, motivate you, and give you that extra push that you need to get the results you are looking for. That's what my coach did for me! Need Free Coaching from me? Click here!

2.  JOIN A FREE ONLINE FITNESS GROUP - A Free Fitness Support Group is a group of like-minded people who have one set goal, to get healthy and fit while meeting others. If you ever lack the motivation to workout, it's pretty simple, all you have to do is post a message in the group, and you will literally get a ton of messages motivating you to get your butt off the couch! The group is for everyone to post their workouts, healthy recipes, motivational messages, and even get in on some challenges. Simply log in everyday, interact with hundreds of your friends, and get your fit on!

3.  JOIN A CHALLENGE GROUP - If your goal is to get the best results possible, then a Beachbody Challenge Group is what I recommend. I started with a P90X Challenge, and I stayed motivated and had an absolute blast! A Challenge Group is like a regular online fitness support group on STEROIDS! It's not just about health and fitness, it's about your life, your family, and your future. It's about making health and fitness a lifestyle and making friends for life. Ask me about my upcoming challenge groups!

4.  INVITE FRIENDS TO WORKOUT - Some days I would not want to workout by myself, so I would invite my roommate or a friend to join me, and believe me, it made a huge difference. Not only do you get that extra motivation from working out with someone, but you are also sharing the lifestyle with others. Sometimes when you are working out on your own at home, you may not push yourself as hard, but when you think you're tired and you look up, and your friend is still doing push ups, that can give you that extra push to go the extra mile, and that's when the RESULTS come! =)

5.  GET THE FAMILY INVOLVED - It all started when my brother introduced me to P90X, and since then, I've inspired many of my other family members to a healthier lifestyle. A family who works out together, stays together =). I am always motivated when I work out with family, especially very inspired when I workout with my father who is 70 years old and still killing his Insanity workouts!

6.  FIT CLUBS - Yes, I'll say it again, working out at home can be tough, and that's why I started a Fit Club back in 2011 in Tampa, Fl to help my fitness challengers get more motivated with their home workouts. There are Beachbody Fit Clubs all over the USA and Canada. Fit Clubs are for people who would like to try Beachbody Fitness Programs for the first time, or for people who are already doing Beachbody Fitness Challenge Groups and would like more motivation to get them through the week. It's also for anyone who enjoys group fitness. I know that this option takes you away from your home, but if it can motivate you, then why not right? Here's an idea, why not start a little group fit club at your house once or twice a week with your friends and family! Working out at home doesn't mean that you have to do it alone =)

7.  REST - This is a very important part of staying motivated. If you are not well-rested, you will not have the energy to workout at home. Let's face it, without energy, there is no motivation. So make sure that you are taking full advantage of your rest and recovery days. I recommend that you also focus on 80% nutrition. You are what you eat, and if you eat clean, you will rest better, and have the fuel needed to conquer your workouts at home.

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