Saturday, January 3, 2015

Insanity MAX 30 - Friday Fight Round 1

Insanity Max 30 - Friday Fight Round 1 Workout
 Insanity Max 30 - Friday Fight Round 1

I did a sneak peek into the Insanity Max 30 Friday Fight Round 1 Workout, and I would have to say that you really have to be humble coming into this workout. I have done all of the P90X and Insanity Extreme Programs, and the thing about Shaun T, he continues to push you to the limits, and I absolutely love it. When Shaun T said he was back, he wasn't playing! =)

My overall experience on this workout was that is more focused on legs and core. There were some upper body and shoulder focused movements, but I found that my legs were the primary target. Once I did all the cardio and leg based movements, I felt pretty beat by the time I got to the upper body movements. Yes, you can pace yourself until you reach the end of the workout, but that's not what Insanity Max 30 Workouts is all about. It's about finding your MAX, pushing yourself to the limits (with proper form of course), then trying to beat that #maxout time. The more you push yourself and surpass your max out times, the better results that you will get. I felt pretty good doing this workout for the first time, and I maxed out at 17:50. Looking forward to continue increasing that time =).

 Insanity Max 30 - Friday Fight Round 1 Workout
Insanity Max 30 - Friday Fight Round 1 Workout

Here is the Insanity Max 30 - Friday Fight Round Movement List:

- Chest Open Jack
- Jack Upper Cut
- 1,2,3 Knee
- Jump Rope
- High Knee Jab

- Hip Hop Runner
- Plyo Power Knee
- Switch Kick Punch
- Wide In and Out Knee Tap
- Med Ball Twist
- Moving Jump Cross
- Speed In and Out Abs
- Scissor Stance Jacks
- 4 Jab 4 High Knees
- Tricep Dip Reach

- Hit the Floor
- 2 Jab 2 Tuck
- Burpee Lunge (this is when I maxed out)
- Ab Attack (left and right)
- Wide Pike Ups
- 10 & 2 Jumps
- Squat Kick (left and right)
- X Jump X Plank
- Plank Toe Taps
- Knee Diamond Push Ups

- Split Lunge Punch
- Plank Punch
- Moving Squat Jab
- Punching Abs


Feel free to check out my MAX 30 Friday Fight Round 1 VIDEO:

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