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TOP 9 Reasons Why People Hate Money

TOP 9 Reasons Why People Hate Money - From a Beachbody Coach
 TOP 9 Reasons Why People Hate Money

I have met a lot of people who were motivated by money and witnessed them build huge businesses, then fall right back down to rock bottom. I've also met some brilliant people through my travels, some of whom have graduated from the most prestigious universities in the world (not that it matters), and they had little or no money, and they were happy as can be. I am 44 years old, and can honestly say that I have been on both sides of the spectrum. It wasn't too long ago that I was in the nightlife industry, and I built a lifestyle marketing business to a six-figure income. My business specialized in hosting hedonistic parties, special events, and nightlife/concierge travel services. I was living a life that most people dreamed of, but I was not happy. I had a huge business and only a handful of real friends. That all changed when I turned my life around and started living a more healthier and fit lifestyle. I went from night clubs to fit clubs! I changed my whole mind-set and despised money. I hated money because it reminded me of all the fake friends that I had in the past, and all the mistakes that I made when I thought I was invincible. I hurt a lot of people during the process, and I just didn't want to do it again.

"I went from being broke, to having money, to reaching rock bottom, to making it back on top - this time, I'm doing things right" ~ Coach Arnel

So yes, I understand how some people can hate money. It took me awhile to finally realize the other side of what money can actually do (good things), because I was only exposed to the bad side, and the "Get Rich Quick". I ask that when you read this post, that you read it with an open mind, and then ask yourself this question, what do I do with my money?

TOP 9 Reasons Why People Hate Money:

1.  Because they don't have it
2.  Because of jealousy
3.  Because they abused money in the past and are afraid of it
4.  Because they don't know how to manage their finances
5.  Because they compare themselves with others
6.  Because they watch too much TV
7.  Because they think that money can only buy material things
8.  Because they are mad at the world, and quit on themselves and their goals
9.  Because they are negative thinkers and live under a rock

"Money is not the root of all evil, people are"

Here Are 9 Ways That Money Has Helped Me:

-  Start my own business so I can control my income instead of a boss
-  I can travel the world on my own terms
-  I can donate to great causes and my church
-  I can support and spend more time with my family
-  I can eat healthier, or whatever I want. If I want to eat at a nice restaurant, I can.
-  I can pay for my daughter's college tuition to help with her future
-  I have a roof over my head
-  I can help more people on a global scale live a more healthy and fulfilling life
-  I understand that it's not about money, it's what you do with the money that counts, I know that now.
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TOP 9 Reasons Why People Hate Money - From a Beachbody Coach
 I am now focused on helping people get healthy and fit physically and financially, I wouldn't change it for the world!

I live a very simple life, but yes......I still enjoy nice things. I don't need to stay at the Four Seasons, but it is nice every once in awhile. I have no motivation or passion to buy a Bugatti, but I do appreciate what it takes to create the masterpiece. You don't have to be money-motivated to achieve big goals, and I am proof of that. Money means many things to different people, so please stop blaming it on the paper (if you are that type of person), it's not the paper, it's YOU.

If money has helped you do some amazing things, please feel free to comment below and share it with me, I'd love to hear from you! =)

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TOP 9 Reasons Why People Hate Money - From a Beachbody Coach

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