Tuesday, November 11, 2014

7 Tips On How To Stay Motivated With P90X

How to stay motivated with P90X
 How To Stay Motivated With P90X

Let's face it, some people are just a lot more self-motivated than others. But even though you are the latter (need all the motivation that you can get), and you are the type of person who cannot stay on track no matter what, there are ways to help you get the motivation that you need to eventually conquer P90X!

I remember when I did P90X for the first time back in 2010 (watch my FIRST P90X Transformation Video - click here), it was my first Beachbody Fitness Program that I ever completed, and trust me, it was tough for me, and I am someone who is self-motivated! Even people who are self-motivated cannot do it on their own, but I found some awesome things that helped me through it, and after 90 days, I was a new person inside and out. So how did I do it? 

Here are some tips that I used to help me stay motivated with P90X:

1.  Connect with a Beachbody Coach - Nothing beats getting advice, personal motivation and tips from someone who has graduated from P90X, and is committed to helping you, that's what a Beachbody Coach does, and on top of that, it's absolutely FREE! Can't get that from your Personal Trainer =) 5 Ways a Coach Can Help You Reach Your Goals - Click Here!

2.  Join a Online P90X Challenge Group - Most people go to a gym or a Crossfit Box because they get motivated by people working out, it's the camaraderie! An Online P90X Challenge Group works the same way in that you are in a exclusive group with people who have similar goals as you, and everyone is committed to helping you smash your goals!

How to stay motivated with P90X

3.  Get an Accountability Partner - You've heard of this before "you are who you hang around with" and that is far from the truth! We all need motivation, we all need people in our lives to help us through the tough times. Starting a fitness journey has it's ups and down, so having someone who knows exactly what your goals are, and backs you 100% is a must when going through P90X!

4.  Invite your Friends - Whether you are working out at home, or at the gym, it's a lot more motivating when you have family and friends doing P90X with you. Invite your friends to do the P90X Challenge Group with you, and all of you can keep each other accountable, and also have some healthy competition =)

5.  Online Fit Clubs - Some Beachbody Coaches such as myself run Online Fit Clubs within our Challenge Groups. It's an awesome way to workout with people who are a thousand miles away! Click Here for more information on my Online Fit Clubs!

6.  Do P90X at the Gym - There is a reason why people have gym memberships. They have all the equipment they need plus more for their intense workouts, and secondly, they are motivated by the atmosphere and the accountability. P90X is not just a home fitness program! You can do P90X anywhere, including the gym, that's what I do! =) Contact me and let me teach you how to do P90X and the gym, or read my blog post on this topic here.

7.  Don't forget that you're Human - I remember that I use to get frustrated when I missed a day, or I was too tired for a workout because of working three jobs! P90X is not just a program, it's a lifestyle. Don't worry if you miss a day, or you ate something bad because you had to eat something real quick in between jobs. We are all human! As the creator of P90X Tony Horton says "Do your best, and forget the rest".

How to stay motivated with P90X

So I hope this helps, and if you need any help, I am here for you. If you would like me to Coach you through P90X for free, you can make me your FREE Coach by clicking here! Once you have made me your Free P90X Coach, simply add me on facebook so that we can start going over some of your goals. Looking forward to your SUCCESS!

Coach Arnel

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