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Fit Vagabonding - What is it?

Fit Vagabonding - Fitness Travel - National Museum Luang Prabang
Fit Vagabonding

Well to be honest, I am not even sure if this is even a real thing, but all I know is that's what I'm doing and I'd be happy to share with you what Fit Vagabonding is, and maybe you can one day join me! But let's start with "Vagabonding". Vagabonding is simply someone who travels independently for an extended length of time. Some Vagabonds do not own anything but the backpack that they are traveling with. Some Vagabonds do own their own homes, but have chosen to rent them out to enjoy their freedom. They live simple lives and crave adventure, that's what keeps them alive.

Fit Vagabonding

So what does fitness have to do with this? Well, when I travel for months, I share two of my passions:

- Long Term Independent Travel
- Health and Fitness

I have met so many people during my travels, from hedonistic travelers, leisure travelers, volunteer travelers, and travelers, like me =). Traveling for long periods of time can bring tons of stress to the body and mind. Just like non-travelers, normal every day people get enormously stressed from their jobs, home life, sports activities, and relationships, so for's no different. You may think that when you see people travel for months and years at a time, you would think that they are having the time of their lives, and trust me, they are. But with all that fun and adventure, there are also challenges. I don't know how many times I have arrived at my destination and found out that my guesthouse was overbooked, or purchased a VIP bus ticket for a 12 hour overland trip and having the worst bus experience in my life. When obstacles like that happen, sometimes the best way to relieve some of that stress is to go for a run, hit the gym, or take a sunset yoga class.

Mount Phousi Luang Prabang
 Running up Mount Phousi - Luang Prabang

I know from experience that fitness can change the outcome of any situation while traveling. I've seen people get stressed, and the first thing that they do is either go to sleep, or head straight to the bar. Don't get me wrong, a good nap works wonders, I've done that many times =), it all depends on how your body feels, and you must always LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. For me, the best way to relieve stress while traveling is by doing it the healthy and fit way, by just sucking it up and exercising. You hear the saying all the time "you never regret a workout", and that's true, at least in my case, I've never heard anyone say, "man, I really regret that workout"!

By trade, I am a Full-Time Beachbody Coach, which means I help people with their health and fitness goals by also living an active lifestyle. I currently coach hundreds of people online, which allows me the freedom to travel the world. Being a Beachbody Coach is like the ultimate Fit Vagabond because it combines the passion to share fitness around the world, while exploring the unknown and fulfilling the lifestyle of the adventurous mind.

Kuang Si Water Falls Luang Prabang
 Kuang Si Waterfalls - Luang Prabang, Laos

Being a Fit Vagabond is about living your life to the fullest, and living the healthy lifestyle. When you are Fit Vagabonding, you are sharing the world of fitness around you naturally. One of the most amazing things for me as a Fit Vagabond is when people tell me that I have inspired them to be more active in their travels, or they say "thanks for the good times, I'm looking forward to start working out when I get home". Not all Fit Vagabonds will have the goal of sharing the lifestyle with the world, but like I said, it just happens naturally. People seem to always gravitate towards people who are going places, confident, and making a positive impact. Who wants to hang out with Mr. Negative or Mrs, Debbie Downer? huh, NO ONE! =)

Did I ever think that I would have the opportunity to travel around the world and share the active lifestyle with people? Absolutely not! It just happened, and it happened..... naturally. =)

If you are interested in learning more about what I do, and how maybe you can also benefit, please feel free to connect with me on facebook, and I look forward to meeting you soon! 

Stay active my friends!

Fit Vagabonding - Gym in Luang Prabang
 Gym in Luang Prabang, Laos (read post)

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