Sunday, June 29, 2014

T25 Dynamic Core + Insanity Asylum Relief Hybrid Workout

Just finished my Sunday workout, in which I decided to do a hybrid Focus T25 Dynamic Core (25 minutes) workout along with a much needed Insanity Asylum Relief stretch (27 minutes).

T25 Dynamic Core

I enjoyed this Dynamic Core workout because it focuses on not just the front core, but also your back core, which is one of the toughest parts of my body to workout. And the fact that it was only 25 minutes, that was a plus too!

Focus T25 Dynamic Core

There were a lot of leg lifting core workouts, which is perfect if you are trying to work your lower abs, like me! The lower abs are the hardest abdominal to shred, and I am determined to get them! =)

Focus T25

My balance is terrible as well LOL, but it has fortunately gotten much better I am proud to say =). T25 Dynamic Core has some balance movements which really focus your core, as well as your whole body. I would have to say that these types of balance movements definitely have helped me with numerous balance obstacles at the Spartan Races, and other obstacle course race events.

Dynamic Core Workout

Oh did I mention that when it comes to core exercises which involve my hip flexors, I cry like a baby, yeah I know, more YOGA! =)

Insanity Asylum Relief Stretch

I would have to say that the combination of the T25 Dynamic Core followed by the Asylum Relief stretch workout was money! The exercise that you see me doing above is actually pretty tough for me because my chest is so big! =) ha ha!

Insanity Asylum stretch workout

My hammies always feel tight, so I have to continuously stretch them out. It might be because I'm getting older =), but I doubt it!  It does feel really good though every time I stretch them out though, and I think it makes me run faster! Here's my tip of the day: just don't forget to stretch, it's helped me in more ways then one! If you can do yoga, then that's even better!!

Insanity Asylum Relief Stretch Workout

And if you didn't notice, cats dig me! What can I say =)

What was your workout today?

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