Monday, June 30, 2014

T25 Gamma - Ript Up Workout

T25 Gamma

I did the T25 Gamma - Rip't Up Workout (25 minutes) for the first time today, and it was awesome! I know that you can tell how much fun I was having just by my facial expression above, but it was nice to have my niece and nephews there to motivate me, well ok....I mean laugh at me! =)  These weighted Rocket Launcher Pulses kicked my butt, of course in a good way =). The workout consisted of some unstable high-rep upper body pumps with some weighted core exercises. I can still feel the burn as I am writing this!

T25 Rip't Up

One of my favorite exercises are tricep kick-backs. My triceps are one of my strongest muscles, and I can do DIPS all day, ok I might be exaggerating just a little, but I do think my triceps are bigger than my biceps, looks like I need to push more weight when doing curls!

Dead Lift

Dead-lifts are not one of those "glamor" exercises, but the one-legged dead-lifts make it look "fancy". It doesn't look like much, but you're working a lot with this one!

T25 Gamma Abs

So I need more of these exercises! Chest press with alternating leg lifts! Your chest is working, arms are working, abs are working.....this is called "doing work"! Try to keep your legs straight and your head off the ground, that's when you really get the full effect of the exercise!

Downward Dog

Downward dog to plank, downward dog to one-legged plank, then to one-legged push up. By this point, your upper body is just crushed! You're like "only 25 minutes, I got this!"=)  It's a very humbling workout, and I love it because it pushes me to the limit! 

Rip't Up Workout - Gamma

Yup, my face says it all! Next time, I'm thinking about adding med balls to this particular exercise. That's how I roll, ha ha.....we'll see!

One legged balance curls

The one-legged balance curls with shoulder press, now that's a good one! If you think this is easy, then do it on top of a BOSU ball, and send me the video! By this point of the workout, all I'm doing is thinking about my Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Banana Shakeology!

3-2-1.......TIME!!!!!!! Nailed it =) Shaun T, I hate you! =)

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