Friday, June 27, 2014

Shakeology is Clinically Proven - What does that mean?

I attended the Beachbody Coach Summit at the MGM Grand Las Vegas (June 19-21, 2014), and one of the biggest announcements during that weekend was that their number one continuity product Shakeology (which I love so much) was now OFFICIALLY "clinically proven". So the question is, what does that actually mean, and does that really make a difference? "Clinically Proven" can be defined as clinically tested, but their isn't really a definition for it in wikipedia or any online source.

Shakeology is Clincally Proven by Medicus Research - Watch the video!

Some people are skeptical because there are plenty of companies who claim that their products are clinically proven. So rather than questioning the company who is making that claim, why not research the company who actually did the testing? Medicus Research was founded in 2005, and is a premier contract research organization (CRO) for natural health products. They did a study on 50 people which was under the direction of Medicus Founder and CEO Jay Udani. The company's areas of expertise include: Dietary supplements, functional foods, medical foods and botanical drugs. I tried to find anything about the company that would make me skeptical about their study on Shakeology, but I could not find anything that would prove Medicus Research to be non-credible. I did find a few complaints from study participants who claimed to receive delayed checks up to 3 months, but that's it.

To be honest, I think it's definitely nice to use a product that has been through some clinical trials, but being on Shakeology for almost 4 years, and feeling like I have as much, if not more energy than when I was in high school, I think it's fair to say that Shakeology works. I have coached hundreds of people through their fitness programs, and have seen hundreds of lives changed because of it. I also know that there will never be a product suited for everyone because of certain allergies and medical reasons, so it's always best to consult your physician before trying something new.

Shakeology makes me go PLYO! 

This is what Shakeology has done for me:
- it gives me a lot of natural energy
- it reduces my cravings for the bad stuff =)
- it has opened up my taste buds for healthier foods
- it makes my life convenient because it's so easy to prepare
- it is very versatile depending on your health and fitness goal, I first started using it for weight loss, now I use it to maintain and primarily for the health benefits
- it has given me the opportunity to become a business owner and have financial freedom
- it has changed my life!

Where does Shakeology come from? Watch the video!

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