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Body Beast Total Body Workout - Makati City, Philippines

Body Beast Total Body Workout
Body Beast Total Body Workout - Makati City, Philippines

When I travel, I never make an excuse not to workout. It can get pretty challenging at times, but it's a challenge back home as well, so I try not to make it a big deal when I travel because in all reality, it's just an excuse. So I arrived in Manila, Philippines a couple days ago and the first night I arrived pretty late, so I didn't really do anything but catch up on some Beachbody business stuff. I ended up not sleeping at all since I was still trying to get use to the time change from flying in from the USA into Asia, which is a 12 hour difference. When everyone in the Makati City was sleeping, I was wide awake! =)

By the time I knew it, the sun was up and I was very excited to start my day. The night before, I met this traveler from North Dakota who's family became pretty wealthy in the oil business years ago. The cool thing about him is that he didn't act like he was wealthy, or he didn't brag about coming from a family with money. Just like most backpackers that I meet, he was more focused on what life has to offer through the gift of travel. Through my travels, I have met Harvard Grads to down-to-earth millionaires who have started tech companies, travel blogs etc. while traveling, and we all have one thing in common, travel is the best education out there, and most of the world is totally clueless when it comes to doing something that you are truly passionate about.

Body Beast Total Body Workout - Slimmer's World Makati City
 Body Beast Total Body - Slimmer's World, Makati City Philippines

So it was now about 6:00 am, and my travel buddy asked me if I wanted to go ahead and hit the gym, which we talked about the night before. We talked about going at 7am, but heck....we were both up so we decided to start the day! Before taking off, the receptionist gave us a couple guest passes to this gym called Slimmer's World. The name sounded a bit weird, but we took the passes, thanked him, and went out the door. We decided to run to a Gold's Gym which was about 1.5 miles away. We figured that the run would be a good little warm up to our workout. It was pretty fun dodging cars and jeepneys along the way, and made for a nice little obstacle run. We finally arrived at the Gold's Gym on Ayala Dr. (Makati City) and requested a day pass. The receptionist told us that it would be 1000 pesos which translates to about $25 US. Now I've been to a lot of gyms when I travel, and I have never paid $25 for a day pass! I've also been to to a few Equinox Gyms around the world and made use of free passes. I mean the most I've ever paid for a day pass is about $5-$10, and that's in the paying $25 for a day pass in the Philippines was totally ridiculous! I started thinking that maybe this girl was starting a business on the side or something lol.

We ended up leaving and decided to check out Slimmer's World (Makati City). Our passes were good for 3 days, and when we arrived at the gym, we were totally impressed. The gym had 3 levels with everything that we needed and then some. Body Beast Total Body was the workout of the day, and we added some strength body weight cardio exrecises in between the circuit sets such as burpees, plyometric jumps, and more burpees =). 

It was an awesome workout, and I am definitely looking to my second visit today! If you are ever in Makati City, I highly recommend that you check this place out. Happy travels and stay active my friends! =)

Need more tips about working out while traveling? Contact me and I'd be happy to share some tips to help you stay motivated! =)

Makati City Philippines - Jeepney
Body Beast Workout Makati City Philippines

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