Sunday, September 21, 2014

P90X + Body Beast Chest, Shoulders and Arms Hybrid Workout

Slimmer's World Makati City
Slimmers World - Makati City Philippines

I went back and finished off my last day of my 3 day pass at Slimmers World in Makati City. The 3 day gym pass was given to me by the receptionist from the hostel that I was staying at in Makati City, and I definitely took full advantage of it! I'll be heading up north from here to see the Banaue Rice Terraces which is one the the Wonders of the World, and the only "WOW" in the Philippines. So I'm pretty excited about that.

Today I was planning to do the P90X Chest, Shoulders and Arms Workout, but I decided last minute to change it up and do a hybrid P90X/Body Beast workout instead, and it was money! It was just a straight up lifting day today, but I did do a slow 25 minute cool down run on the tread. I did walk to the gym and walked back so I also did a 5k fast walk on top of my gym workout. Everything counts people =).

P90X Body Beast Hybrid Workout

So here goes, the workout starts off with a chest exercise, followed by a shoulder exercise, then a tricep exercise and repeats for 5X. If you are interested in building mass, then use heavier weight and lower the reps.

P90X Body Beast Hybrid Workout

P90X Body Beast Hybrid Workout

P90X/BODY BEAST - Chest, Shoulders and Tris Workout

- Dumbbell Press (15 reps)
- In and Out Shoulder Flys (20)
- Tricep Dips using Bench (30)

- Close Grip Chest to Fly (15)
- Military Press (15)
- Tricep Kick Backs (15 each arm)

- Chest Fly (15)
- Scarecrows (10)
- Overhead Tricep Extension (15)

- Dumbbell Press Heavy (15)
- 1,2,3 Military Press (8)
- Lying Tricep Extensions on Bench

- Decline Push Ups (30)
- Sagi Six Way (10)
- Overhead Tricep Extensions (15)

25 minute cool down run, then stretch.

P90X Body Beast Hybrid Workout

P90X Body Beast Hybrid Workout
I love doing hybrid workouts because it keeps thing exciting. I do not recommend the hybrid workout unless you have completed both P90X and Body Beast, or you are at an advanced fitness level, but's up to you =). It all depends on what your goals are and how your body feels. If you would like a FREE fitness program assessment, feel free to fill it out here, and I can assist you with some options to help you with your goals.

Stay active my friends!

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