Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What's In My Backpack?

Backpack Southeast Asia
What's in my Backpack? Southeast Asia

Hey guys, I'm about to leave for my backpacking trip to Asia, and I am pretty excited! A lot of people have been asking me what I pack when I take off for a backpacking trip, so I decided to post a blog about it and make a quick video (below). Here are the things that I pack in my carry-on Patagonia Backpack: (please note, the list below changes depending on where I am going, and how long I travel)

My Backpacking List for Southeast Asia: (approx. 2 months)
- 10 Tank Tops
- 6 Workout Tops
- 5 Tees
- 3 Convertible Pants (pants that can also be converted to shorts. Also weather resistant with lots of pockets)
- 1 Pair Inov8 All-Terrain Shoes
- 1 Pair Sanuk Flip Flops
- 1 Pair Running/Workout Shoes (what I will be wearing when I depart USA)
- Agility Ladder (for my workouts)
- Jump Rope
- 2 Go Pros
- 1 Portable Hard Drive (I'll be taking a lot of footage!)
- 2 USB (I have some of my Beachbody Workouts on there)
- Power Cords
- Toiletries Bag
- 30 Day Supply of Shakeology (getting another 30 day supply shipped to me in Thailand)
- 1 Shaker Cup
- 1 Micro Fiber Towel (perfect for travel, doesn't take up a lot of room, and packs tight)
- 3 Under Compression (who knows, I might find a race while I'm there)
- 1 Drawstring Strap Bag (I use this when exploring different cities)
- iPhone (don't call me, just email me or facebook me, I am bringing it for emergency purposes to stay in contact with my daughter)
- iPad (when I'm too lazy to use my macbook, oh and to watch Netflix)
- Macbook (this is how I run my Beachbody Coaching business around the world)
- Passport
- Lucky Travel Charms from my Mom =)

What's In My Backpack? Southeast Asia

And that's it guys! Although I plan to only be in Asia for a couple months, this would be the same list for even a whole year of travel in Asia. Keep in mind that as I travel, I purchase things along the way and also leave things behind, but truth be told, I will never carry more than I need in one backpack. If I buy something and it doesn't somehow fit in my backpack, I simply just find a postal office and ship it back home. My goal is to always travel as light as possible.

Feel free to watch my video below and see how I pack all of this stuff into one Carry-On Patagonia Backpack!

What's In My Backpack? Check out my VIDEO:

I never leave without my Shakeology! Try it risk-free, and you'll see why =)
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