Saturday, September 6, 2014

BEACH WORKOUT - Pensacola Fit Club

Pensacola Beach Workout - Pensacola Fit Club
Pensacola Beach Workout - Pensacola Fit Club

I started the morning with an awesome Beach Workout which I hosted along with my brother Fermin Banawa, and sister/law Jasmine Banawa from Pensacola Fit Club. The workout was absolutely free, and we even included a complimentary lunch right after which included Grilled Chicken, Turkey Burgers, Mixed Greens, Watermelon (of course), and some Homemade Sweet Potato Salad.  WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW! =)

Pensacola Fit Club is organized by local Beachbody Coaches who are dedicated to helping the community get healthy and fit. The weekly workouts are free, but for the more serious people, we encourage our members to begin a fitness journey with one of our Online Challenge Groups. With these Challenge Groups, we offer free coaching and provide great advice about living a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Check out the Beach Workout Routine List below, and watch the 1 minute video below that I made during the workout. Join us next time. If you are not local, no worries at all. We also run Free Online Fit Clubs, and Online Challenge Groups, just contact me and I can help you get started!

Pensacola Beach Workout Exercise List:

- Jumping Jacks 30 sec.
- High Knee Walks
- Shuffle Back
- 10 Push Ups
- Up and Over Hips
- Inch Worm


CIRCUIT 1: (2X) each exercise for 30 seconds
- Suicide Drills
- Suicide Jumps
- Rotational Jumps
- Floor Sprints (mountain climbers)

REST (2 minute)

CIRCUIT 2: (For Time)
- Sand Bag Run Carry along water to marker (25 meters)

*Do the following below 3X for time
- Flutter Kicks in the water (20)
- Bear Crawl out of water to marker
- 10 Burpees
- 10 Squat Thrust with Sand Bag
- 10 Push Ups
(rest and hydrate after each round)

- Sand Bag Run back to starting point (25 meters)

CIRCUIT 3: (Teamwork Round)
- Wheel Barrels to 5 Decline Push Ups (up and back, switch partners going back)
- Team Sand Bag Pass with Bear Crawl (up and back)
- Sand Bag Sprint Runs with Dips (one person runs with sand bag "up and back" and the other person performs dips until partner returns from sprint run, switch up, do this 3X)
- Sand Bar Over Head Toss (up and back) 


Watch our Beach Workout Video:

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