Monday, September 1, 2014

P90X+ Total Body Plus Workout

P90X+ Total Body Plus
 P90X+ Total Body Plus

I haven't done any of the P90X Plus Workouts in awhile and decided that it was about time. The P90X Plus Workouts are another set of workouts geared towards people who have completed the P90X Classic Program or is at an advanced fitness level. As with all P90X workouts, always listen to your body and modify if you need to.

As I mentioned in some of my past P90X blog posts, I enjoy incorporating running into my workouts. This helps me train for one of my favorites hobbies....Obstacle Course Racing! You will also see me using sand bags instead of dumbbells, and adding a weigh vest to my plyometric workouts. As your level of fitness gets better, you too can add different elements to your P90X workouts to keep things exciting and more challenging. That's why I love P90X so much, it's more than just a 90 day program, it's a lifestyle, and perfect for anyone of all fitness levels. For more information on various P90X workouts, videos, and purchase options, click here!

Total Time: 45 minutes
Equipment Needed: Pull-Up Bar, Weights, Power Stands (optional)

Watch my P90X+ Total Body Plus Workout:

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