Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tips for Running on "Survival Mode"

Tips for Running on Survival Mode
 Tips for Running on Survival Mode

I'm going to be completely honest with you, I really dislike running in the heat. And during the really hot summer months, I do a lot of tread mill work unless I am some place where there is less humidity or up in the mountains. I have family who live out west in the Las Vegas area, and yes, it can get really hot out there, but there is relatively no humidity. When I first started running there, it was pretty weird because I was hot, but I wasn't sweating as bad as I normally do, and that's when I found out how humidity can really play a huge role in training.

Humidity is a huge factor to runners because the higher the moisture content in the air, the hotter it feels, especially when you are running. Let's say that it's about 88 degrees outside which is not so bad right, but if you have 70% humidity, that 88 degrees can feel like over 100 degrees! Now that's a SWEAT FEST! 

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When your body heats up, it gets dehydrated, and when that happens, your body then goes into "Survival Mode", which means that your body is basically trying to keep you alive lol. I don't want to go into specifics about maintaining blood flow to your essential organs, so let's just keep it simple:

When it's really hot outside, it's better to be safe. It's not worth the risks. Use these tips to help you make better decisions when it's a super hot running day:


- Stay inside and use a tread mill
- Stay hydrated and try to run in shaded areas as much as possible
- Take as many breaks as needed
- Don't worry about timing your run
- Run by how you feel instead of keeping pace
- Look for warning signs such as dizziness, headaches, tingly skin, fatigue, nausea etc. If you feel any of those signs, call it quits or take a break and only proceed when you are feeling much better.
- Always listen to your body
- You can always do a great Insanity Workout with me too =)

I did a 5 miler today and it was one of those days! I felt my body temperature rise a few times and I had to slow my pace down. I did bring hydration with me, and although there were plenty of times I wanted to pick up the pace, I simply had to just put my ego aside and play it safe. It was a great run!

Running on Survival Mode
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