Friday, June 27, 2014

Body Beast Bulk Arms

Today's workout was Body Beast Bulk Arms. I really enjoy this workout because it focuses on the "glamor muscles". It's nothing but biceps and triceps for about 35 minutes, finishing off with a little ab work.

The only equipment that you need is a bench or stability ball, and some dumbbells (I enjoy using the Bowflex Selecttechs). Body Beast is basically a body-building program, but being an OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) athlete, I am not focused on bulking, rather I use the program to build strength, while being careful to not go too heavy. I actually go back and forth with P90X and Body Beast for my strength workouts. I also do most of my longer runs during my strength days, just to make sure that I get my cardio in.
Take a quick look at Body Beast

The cool thing about Body Beast is that you can use it for almost any fitness goal whether you are interested in bulking, weight loss, athletic performance, etc. It's not all about lifting heavy with Body Beast, it's about finding the weight that works for you according to your fitness goal. But I'll be really honest with you, I actually like lifting, so I catch myself "upping" my weights sometimes, and that's ok for some people, but with my type of physique, I bulk really fast, and I found that it doesn't work well for me when I am trying to run for time during a Obstacle Course Race. Heck, I remember doing strictly Body Beast, with some running in between for about 2 months straight, and I tried to PR at a 10K Turkey Trot.....I was huffing and puffing on mile 3, and out of gas by mile 5. I missed my PR from last year by almost a minute. Simply put, I learned my lesson. Every one is different, and that's just me. I mean, I know a good handful of people who kill it in the OCR circuit, and they can kill some weights, so it all depends on you, and what you can handle.

Tomorrow is a new day, keep living the FIT LIFE!

Coach Arnel

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