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P90X2 Shoulders and Arms Workout

As an OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) athlete, I am always looking for workouts that confuse my body. These types of workouts, such as the movements with P90X2 always prepares me for the different obstacles that I may come across during an obstacle race such as a Spartan Race. One of the main contributors to P90X2 is Dr. Marcus Elliot, a Harvard educated doctor who has trained some of the world's most elite athletes to help maximize their potential. I figure that if it is good enough for them, then it must be good enough for me. Unlike P90X (Classic), P90X2 is geared more towards people with athletic goals and solely for advanced fitness levels. If you are a very determined individual, then this could probably work for you as well. If you are an athlete in any sport, or if you enjoy being active outdoors, then this would be a great program for you to do. You could also just incorporate P90X2 it into your existing workouts.

Length: 52 minutes
Equipment: Stability Ball (or towel), Plyo Box (or sturdy chair), weights (or bands), Foam Roller (not required).

*With Stability Ball or Towel (I used an agility ladder rolled up)
- Twist
- Squat
- Side Stretch
- Alternate Back Lunges
- Atlas
*Foam Rolling (or upper body stretch)
- Upper Body
- Roller Angel
- Roller Sphinx
*More Stretching
- World's Greatest Stretch
- Inch Worm
- Table

P90X2 Warm Up
P90X2 Shoulders and Arms


The MAIN WORKOUT consists of 3 rounds of 7 exercises with a break in between rounds. It is pretty fast paced. If you are using the workouts, you can go at your own pace, but the key is to try to keep up with them on the videos =).

Movement List: (3X)
- Balance Curl
- Alternating Arnold Press (balancing on one leg)
- Overhead Tricep Pull (use stability ball or bench)
- Six Direction Shoulder Fly
- Crazy Eight (alternate arms and feet every 8 reps)
- Y T Fly
- Rocket Launcher Tricep Kick Back
- Break

Balance Curl
P90X2 Shoulders and Arms

Arnold Press
P90X2 Shoulders and Arms

Overhead Tricep Pull
P90X2 Shoulders and Arms

Spartan Training

Six Direction Shoulder Fly
P90X2 Shoulders and Arms

Spartan Training

Crazy Eight Balance Curls
P90X2 Shoulders and Arms

Y-T Fly
P90X2 Shoulders and Arms

Rocket Launcher Tricep Kick Backs
P90X2 Shoulders and Arms

Rocket Launcher Tricep Kick Back Alternative
Spartan Training


I followed this workout with a 21 Day Fix - 10 Minute Fix for Abs Workout. If you are training for an obstacle course race, try running about 1/4 to 1 mile after each round. Or you could just run 2-3 miles after the workout. Whatever your goal may be, P90X2 workouts will help you get to your athletic goals. If you would like more information about my upcoming P90X2 Online Challenge Groups, feel free to message me.

The Science Behind P90X2 - Watch Video!

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