Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to Get Rid of Your 4 BIGGEST Exercise Excuses

Everyone loves a beautiful body that is free from excess fat and unsightly stretch marks. For this to happen, there should be some exercises that ought to be incorporated in your routine. This is sometimes hard because most people find excuses for doing exercises not realizing that it’s their own body that will not benefit from the many advantages associated with doing exercises. So for you to ensure that you do not keep making up excuses for doing exercise, it is important to remember the many benefits that come along with doing exercises. Instead of just hoping to do exercise when you find some time, consider scheduling it! The same way you would not like to miss an important meeting, ensure that you put the same weight on your scheduled exercises and you will find that excuses will actually not be an option.

I use Google Calendar for my fitness and business!

One of the excuses that people use is that they are too tired to exercise. Well, we usually are also too tired to beat that deadline on our projects but we do! That same intensity should be applied on doing exercises. It is evident that life is usually exhausting and we all need some energy that will get our blood flowing and muscles moving. In this case, you should drink Shakeology which actually gets to provide your body with the much needed fuel that your body requires to operate at optimal speed. Shakeology results are often felt almost instantly because of the surge of energy that you get to experience, which enables you to finish your workout without feeling drained.

When I'm tired I do my favorite Yoga Pose with my daughter! =)
Beachbody Coach

But most of the time, we drink Shakeology!
Shakeology Results

Another big excuse for doing exercises is that you need to first lose some weight. There are many ways one can lose weight and this is usually through brisk walking, hiking or biking. A work out at home is also ideal and this is usually with the use of Beachbody fitness programs that are effective if and when they are followed to the letter.

Another one is when someone says that they are too hungry to exercise. It is evident that one cannot exercise on an empty stomach so when this happens, you should not just postpone the whole idea of exercising altogether. Since there is the Shakeology protein bar that contains all the necessary proteins, consider making one and having them at hand whenever you need them. They are super-easy to make, super-nutritious and super delicious and another reason as to why you should have them is that it is an energy packed healthy snack!

 Shakeology Vegan Protein Bar
Shakeology Vegan Protein Bar

Before settling on the excuses, consider embracing the aforementioned factors and in a few months, you will be glad that you did!

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