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Spartan 300 Workout - Mississippi 2014

My brother and I met up with some friends and attended the Spartan 300 Workout in Gulfport Mississippi yesterday. This was the third Spartan 300 Workout that I've attended, and all of them did not disappoint. Hosted by Spartan Race, the Spartan Workout Tour provides people with the opportunity to get a taste of what it takes to train for an upcoming Spartan Race, as well as what to expect during race conditions. The workouts are led by actual elite Spartan Racers, SGX Certified Instructors, and local fitness professionals who assist in promoting upcoming Spartan Races.

Every workout during the Spartan Workout Tour is absolutely FREE, and you will also get a cool "I'm Training for a Spartan Race T-Shirt".  Be prepared for a two hour workout! =)

Spartan 300 Workout - Tampa FL.

The Spartan 300 Workout in Mississippi was hosted at Jones Park in Gulfport, MS. The beach terrain made it a lot more challenging, especially for the running, but that's what Spartan Race is all about right? If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you!

 Lead by Spartan Racer Andi Hardy
Spartan Workout Tour

The WARM UP started off with running in place, jumping jacks, and high knees followed by a nice stretch.

Spartan 300 Workout

Following the stretch, Andi proceeded to assist the group with giving some great tutorials about the exercises for the MAIN WORKOUT which consisted of a lot of squats, run in place, push ups, lunges, and of course BURPEES!

Spartan 300 Workout

Spartan Workout Tour

More burpees! 
Spartan 300 Workout

Push Ups
Spartan Training

Spartan 300 Workout

Spartan Race Training

Side Plank
Spartan Race Training

We also did some sprints on the beach. Some people chose to go barefoot, but for me, I choose to train with my shoes on no matter what. Let's face it, you will never do a Spartan Race barefoot, it's just not safe! Get used to training with shoes even in the water, beach etc. because during a Spartan Race, you'll have to deal with it. #SpartanUp

Beach Sprints
Spartan Workout Tour

You wouldn't take your shoes off during a Spartan Race, why take them off when you're training!
Spartan 300 Workout

We also did some "teamwork" exercises which we were instructed to work as a team by running back and forth to the water, grab as much beach sand as you can, run back to your group area, and build a sand castle. The goal was to build the biggest sand castle. And of course we had to do some burpees in between =).  

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Working as a TEAM
Spartan 300 Workout

With the Bandit Crossfit Spartan Chics!
Bandit Crossfit

And then after nearly two hours, it was time to stretch. Another great Spartan 300 Workout in the books!

Cool Down Stretch
Spartan Race Training

Feeling accomplished - (Me, Jeremy, and my brother Fermin)
Team Dynasty OCR

Thanks to Andi Hardy for the BEAST workout!
Andi Hardy Spartan Racer

If you would like more information on the Spartan Workout Tour, click here! It's a great way to start training for a Spartan Race. Join, the largest OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) community online. Meet and connect with other OCR athletes, join or create a team, post and upload your race videos and photos, and help the sport of the OCR grow.

Spartan 300 Workout - Mississippi 2014
Spartan Workout Tour

After the workout, my brother and I decided to do some Long Boarding around Jones Park. It's always great to soak in the sights from a place you rarely visit, so we took advantage of it and enjoyed some Mississippi "beach life", before heading back to Florida.

Cruising around Gulfport Beach, MS
Spartan Race Workout

Beachbody Life!
Beachbody Coach

See you at the next Spartan Race!

Coach Arnel is a Full Time Star Diamond Beachbody Coach, OCR Athlete, Adventure Traveler, and Proud Father.  Find out more about me here!

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