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Celebrities Who Do P90X

Celebrities P90X
 Celebrities Who Do P90X

Who cares right? Well, it's funny that some people can get motivated by celebrities working out, and the way I see it....if it motivates you to get off your ass, then it surely is a lot better than doing nothing!

Believe it or not, celebrities are real people, you're like "what, really lol?". What I mean by that is that there are celebs that would rather workout on their own instead of hiring a Personal Trainer. Not all celebrities hire Personal Trainers believe it or not! I mean think about it, if you are an A-List Celebrity, you are escorted, protected by bodyguards, and almost always have an entourage hanging around you, so it just makes sense that some of these celebrities choose to do things on their own....such as working out, and doing P90X.

Sheryl Crow - P90X
Sheryl Crow P90X

Here is a quick list of celebrities that have done P90X. This comes directly from Tony Horton's facebook P90X Celeb List, so it's not like I am making this up =). I have added a couple more to the list from my own research, but this is pretty much Tony Horton's list. Oh, and if you do not know who Tony Horton is, well....he's like the guy who created P90X. I'm sure you've seen his picture on Google Images right next to the founder of Crossfit =).

Kelly Slater - P90X
Kelly Slater P90X

Now I am not even sure if the celebrities on the list have even finished the full P90X Challenge, but that doesn't even matter. The fact that these celebs have tried it, incorporated it, or graduated from it, just shows that it is something to look into. Also, keep this in mind, none of the people on the celebrity list were asked to endorse P90X, they all can independently vouch that it does work, and that they have completed it, or at least have done it as part of their training for a movie, concert, professional game, or just to stay in shape.  

The Celebrity List:
1. Sheryl Crow
2. Ashton Kutcher
3. Demi Moorre
4. Usher
5. Ewan McGregger
6. Jenny Garth
7. Poppy Montgomery
8. Emmett Smith
9. Ray Lewis
10. David Akers
11. Donovan McNabb
12. Brian Westbrook
13. Matt Diaz
14. Kelly Slater
15. Barry Zito
16. Bryce Dallas Howard
17. Kenny Smith
18. Jo Jo Reyes
19. Brian Wilson
20. Pink
21. Joey Fatone
22. John Hartung ~ Local news and sports
23. Paul Ryan ~ Congressman - R
24. Heath Schuler ~ Congressman - D
25. Ray Allen
26. Jason Scheff
27. Chris Pratt -Guardians of the Galaxy
28. Ben Stiller
29. Erin Andrews - ESPN
30. Jenn Brown - ESPN Reporter

And so there you have it. Now this is not at all the full list, and I am sure that there are more and more celebrities who are "BRINGING IT" with P90X. And if it isn't with P90X, it may be one of the 30+ Fitness Programs that the company Beachbody has on the market.

Chris Pratt - P90X
Chris Pratt P90X

So just because these celebrities have done, or are doing P90X, does this mean that you should? Absolutely not! Your best bet is to find out which program would be best for you based on your current fitness level, goals, and lifestyle. As a Star Diamond Beachbody Coach, I would be honored to assist you with that by offering your a FREE Fitness Assessment. Simply fill out the quick and easy form, and I will give you some options!

Poppy Montgomery - P90X
Poppy Montgomery P90X

Just like a lot of the celebrities featured above, some of them are focused on giving back to some amazing charities and global causes. My "Art of Giving Challenge" focuses on giving back to the less fortunate, and respectable charities. When you fill out the Free Fitness Assessment, you will have the option to donate to a charity of your choice should you decide to start a fitness challenge or journey. You too can be a CELEBRITY by giving back and getting fit at the same time!

Get started now by taking the Beachbody Challenge, or fill out the Free Fitness Assessment Form, and I look forward to your success!

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