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Insanity Asylum POWER LEGS Workout with Sand Bag and Weight Vest

This Asylum Power Legs Workout is part of the Insanity Asylum Volume 2 Elite Series. The original workout uses dumbbells with no weight vest. I am training for a couple OCR Championship Races, so I decided to kick it up a notch and add an even more extreme level of difficulty.

Full Workout Video Below!
Insanity Asylum V2 Power Legs
 Insanity Asylum V2 Power Legs

This workout is geared more towards advanced fitness levels such as athletes who play football, soccer, basketball, track, running, and even obstacle course racing. Insanity Asylum workouts are versatile as long as you have the equipment. You can do these workouts at home, gym, or even outdoors. Insanity Asylum Workout Sheets are available. It's always recommended to watch the videos first so that you can fully understand the movements, this will ensure that you are doing the right exercise with proper form.

Total Time: 50 minutes
Equipment: Agility Ladder, Resistance Strength Bands, Dumbbells or Sand Bag (I used a 25lb sand bag)
Optional: Weight Vest (10-15lbs)

Insanity Asylum V2 - Power Legs
Insanity Asylum V2 Power Legs

Warm Up:
- Agility: The Audition (this is a combination of speed and agility movements, definitely watch the video first)
- Agility Counter Attacks
- Agility On Your Marks
- Active Stretch (2 minutes)
- Power Broad Jump

The Main Workout consists of 6 rounds plus a Burn Out Round. Each round consists of 2-5 exercises which are 30 seconds to 2 minutes each.

Round 1:
- Jump Squats (1 min)
- Plank Leg Taps (30 sec each leg)
- Power X Jumps (1 min)
- Plank Jacks (1 min)

Round 2: (with resistance bands around both ankles)
- Agility Stance Jacks (1 min)
- Split Lunge Agility (1 min)
- Agility Heisman (30 sec)
- Jack Press (1 min)
- Agility Touch Squats (1 min)

Round 3:
Repeat Round 2 without resistance bands around ankles
- 30 seconds each exercise except the Agility Touch Squats, which stays at 1 minute.
(I did not use the resistance bands on my video above)

I'm training for the OCR World Championships
OCR World Championships

Round 4:
- Diagonal Dumbbell Squat (I used a sand bag instead of dumbbells) 1 min.
- Wide Plie Squat (30 sec)
- Plie Squat Hop (30 sec)

Round 5:
- Agility Crossword Puzzle (definitely watch video) 30 seconds
- Kettlebell Swings (I did a sand bag modification for this - Squat, Curl, Press) 30 seconds
- Plank Double Hop (30 sec)
- Kettlebell Swings (same as above) 30 seconds
- Plank In and Out Hop (I added a sand bag carry - optional) 30 seconds

Round 6:
- Power Jump Kettlebell Swing (8 power jumps + 8 kettlebell swings) 2 minutes
I did a sand bag modification instead of kettlebell swing - did Squat Thrust
- Agility Hops (30 sec)

Burnout Round: (I replaced using a dumbbell with sand bag)
30 seconds each move (5 minutes)
- Narrow Squat
- Wide Squat
- Wide Plie Squat
- Lunge Right
- Wide Plie Squat
- Lunge Left
- Wide Plie Squat
- Wide Squat
- Narrow Squat

Cool Down (2 min)

Watch my Asylum Power Legs Workout using a Sand Bag and Weight Vest:

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