Friday, August 15, 2014

P90X3 Accelerator Workout

P90X3 Accelerator
 P90X3 Accelerator

I did the P90X3 Accelerator workout last night at Pensacola Fit Club. Just like most of the P90X workouts, it was no different, I got my butt kicked =). Those PLANK CIRCLES! All I can say is dang! =)

This is a great FULL BODY WORKOUT which uses only your body weight, and includes cardio exercises.  You may want to keep your towel handy, some of the exercises recommend using markers, or hops in which your towel can be used, highly recommended, but not required. Get ready to SWEAT!

P90X3 Accelerator: 30 minutes
No Equipment Needed

The Movement List:
- Speed Salutation
- Twist and Pivot
- Foot Pursuit
- Get Up/Get Down
- X Jacks
- Balance Burpees
- Slalom Hops
- Mountain Climbers
- Spin Stops
- Plank Walkers
- Joel Jumps
- Plank Circles
- Road Runner
- Double Trouble Climbers
- Diamond Hops
- Swimmer's Plank
- Speed Skater
- Plank/Sphinx/Combo
- 3 Squat Hops
- Donkey Kicks
- Cool Down

Speed Salutation
P90X3 Accelerator

Foot Pursuit and X Jacks (with Crunch Jacks)
P90X3 Accelerator

Balance Burpees (with or without push ups)
P90X3 Accelerator

Slalom Hops (this is where you can use your towel to hop over)
P90X3 Accelerator

Mountain Climbers
P90X3 Accelerator

Spin Stops
P90X3 Accelerator

Plank Walkers (this is when do left, right, front, back combos - killer!)
P90X3 Accelerator

Joel Jumps ( almost similar to speed skaters, but going up and back)
P90X3 Accelerator

Plank Circles (holy crap, these royally sucked LOL)
P90X3 Accelerator

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Road Runner (slow, medium, fast)
P90X3 Accelerator

Double Trouble Climber  
(from high plank knee cross-overs to low plank oblique knee to elbows)
Spartan Training

Swimmer's Planks (these are tough, great core exercise)
P90X3 Accelerator

Spartan Training

Speed Skaters
P90X3 Accelerator

Plank/Sphinx Combo
Spartan Training

3 Squat Hops
P90X3 Accelerator

Donkey Kicks
Spartan Training

Cool Down
P90X3 Accelerator

P90X3 Accelerator

And that's all folks! It was a great workout! Message me if you would like to join my P90X3 Challenge Group. You will be added to an Online Challenge Group with others who have similar goals as you! For more information, click here!

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