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Push Up Challenge - Drive To Inspire

Drive to Inspire
 A Drive to Inspire - Pensacola, FL 2014

Today I met up with a good friend Ankur Man Shrestha. Ankur is on a mission to do 50 consecutive push ups in 48 states within 25 days. Originally from Nepal, Ankur is currently a student at the University of Cincinnati. He was inspired to raise social awareness to fight obesity because of an email he received from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Engineering & Applied Sciences Graduate Admissions Office. The email stated that there would be an increase in his 2014-15 tuition and fees due part by a health insurance premium. Ankur said I exercise and work out my body every day. I cook and eat healthy, and at all costs, avoid junk food (burger, fries, and soda). Then why do I have to suffer this hike in my premium?

A Drive to Inspire - Ankur Man Shrestha

This was the beginning of his fight to help end the trend of obesity. I totally relate with Ankur, we are both on a mission to fight the obesity trend, and that is why I met up with him, along with other members of Pensacola Fit Club to do 50 consecutive pushups at Martime Park to raise social awareness. We were surprised to see that even WEAR Channel 3 News was also there to catch the story.

Ankur is majoring in Chemical Engineering, but he told me that he has learned so much from traveling around the states, meeting other travelers, and that he believes that he has found his real passion in health and fitness. That actually made me very happy because being a Beachbody Coach, that is what I do. I help people live a more healthy and fulfilling life and show them how they can make a living doing what they truly love. I am glad to have met Ankur, and I look forward to his success with his mission. If you would like to find out more about Ankur, you can check out the links below:

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- Drive to Inspire on Facebook

A Drive to Inspire - 2014
A Drive to Inspire

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