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The Art of Giving

I can remember at a very young age when I would give my seat to my mother at a social event, open the door for a stranger at a store, and sharing some cake with my brothers and sisters. These are among the things that we all probably did more than a few times in our life. As we got older, some of us continued doing these things, and then some of us continued to do even more. I think that I may be one of those people.

Born to Give!
Arnel Banawa

It wasn't until I met my Coach a few years ago, and we attended this event hosted by Dani Johnson, who is an Industry Professional in the Network Marketing field. Her story was amazing in that she took a product that she didn't like from the back of her trunk, and turned it into a multimillion dollar business in only 2 years. So what does this have to do with anything, you ask? Well, she has the same exact personality as I do, and this is something that I learned at her event. Dani Johnson is the creator of GEMS. A program that helps people learn more about themselves, as well as the people around them. The better a person understands the type of person they are, and the different personalities that other people have, she knew that it would benefit their lives, and their businesses. This was the same system that she learned when she started her business as a single, homeless woman, and later became a self-made millionaire.

 My Coach and I
Full Time Beachbody Coach

After attending the event, I found out that my GEM was a Pearl/Emerald. This personality trait describes me as someone who makes "helping people" a priority. People with the Pearl Personality Trait tend to do a lot of things for free such as volunteering, pro bono work, and just doing things for people that most people wouldn't. Most Pearls will help other people before helping themselves, and that is the only negative thing about being a Pearl. We, meaning I, tend to do just that, and in return it sometimes delays my productivity and my goals in life.

GEMS Mastery
Dani Johnson's GEM Mastery

I am also an Emerald GEM, which means that I am motivated by facts and figures. This is more of my analytical side. So put these two gems together, one might say that I am one boring dude! =).

The Art of Giving is something that I feel that I have mastered, and I truly enjoy doing it. I am the type of person that loves to pay for everything, enjoys planning events, and strives to make everyone happy. But again, the downfall is doing it way too much that it doesn't benefit me at all. That might sound rude, the "benefiting" part. And I use to think the same way, but if you think about it, if I stopped thinking about myself, how could I help people. In order to help people, you have to learn to first help yourself.

I am a Full Time Beachbody Coach. As a Pearl/Emerald it's like paradise because Beachbody Coaching is all about helping people. The more I help people, the more I can have a better life for me, my daughter, and my family. But even in the world of Beachbody Coaching, it is possible to give way too much as well. I have learned through the years what to do, and what not to do. And it is still a challenge for me because I just love helping people. If I could just coach people for free and give them free fitness programs and nutrition supplements, that's what I would probably do, but I had to ask myself: how will I put my daughter through college? how will I provide for my daughter when she needs something? how can I help my family if they are going through financial times? how can I help people and charities around the world? how can I donate to my church?........... IF I CONTINUE TO PROVIDE MY SERVICES AND PRODUCTS FOR FREE??

 Beachbody Coaching is about "helping people"
Beachbody Coaching

My goals are huge! And there is nothing better than setting goals and accomplishing them. So if you're like me, then balancing the Art of Giving with the Art of Benefiting is the key. I know some people will say, "then you are not a true giver", and what I say to that is "then you don't undestand anything about loving yourself". If you truly want to help people in big numbers, you have to create wealth for yourself and you will then be able to help more people then you could ever imagine. It's ok if you want to think "small", that's up to you. But as for me, I have always been the type of person who loves making a huge impact. I don't have to be in the spotlight, but I want to help others be in the spotlight, if that makes sense. As someone who enjoys giving, I don't want to be limited on the amount of giving that I could do, so the only way for me to make that happen, is to also think about my needs, and my responsibilities as a father, and a coach. In order to perfect the Art of Giving, you have to also be successful in life. So I choose to be successful so that I can help others!

The Art of Giving Back
Art of Giviing Back
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Here are some of my goals and aspirations:

- Donate a million dollars to my church
- Travel "around the world" (literally) and help every country I set foot on by donating my time and money directly to select causes.
- Be remembered as a Philanthropist
- Help end the trend of obesity around the world.
- Help spread the word about Obstacle Course Racing for everyone
- Create a team of entrepreneurs who see my vision.
- To be the BEST father and inspiration to my daughter
- To help my family live their best life now!

 My daughter is the BEST thing that's ever happened to me!
Beachbody Coach

True happiness is in helping people become better than they once were. There are so many poor souls out there who don't know what to do, they don't have anyone to help them, anyone to motivate them, anyone to help them seek their true potential in life. If you want to find true happiness, try helping people accomplish more than what you have, and you will be surprised what you will accomplish for yourself.

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What happens after that?
I will add you to my exclusive Online Challenge Group to help your get the best results with your challenge!

Coach Arnel
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