Tuesday, August 12, 2014

OCR World Championships - Qualified

I never considered myself as an athlete growing up. Although I was always very active in extreme sports like skateboarding and mountain biking, I never really competed in any major sporting events. Obstacle Course Racing is currently one of the fastest-growing extreme sports, and with powerhouse companies like Reebok and Inov8 behind it, the sport of OCR is on the verge of a huge explosion!

OCR World Championships - Qualified
OCR World Championships

I was introduced to OCR (obstacle course racing) by my brother, and Diamond Beachbody Coach Fermin Banawa, he is also the guy that helped my start my fitness journey with P90X. I began my path to health and fitness back in September 2010, and never looked back. If it wasn't for my brother, my results from P90X and my nutrition overhaul with Shakeology, as well as with my Team Dynasty OCR family, I would not be here today competing with the best athletes in the world. I am very grateful for everything that I have been given, and I look forward to competing in both the Warrior Dash World Championships 2014 in Sacramento (area), California and the OCR World Championships 2014 in Ohio.

Warrior Dash World Championships - Qualified
Warrior Dash World Championships 2014

OCR World Championship Qualifications:
- How to qualify, click here

Warrior Dash World Championship Qualifications:
- For more information, click here

*The BEST Beachbody Fitness Programs for OCR: (Free Download Workout Sheets here)
- P90X
- P90X2
- P90X3
- Insanity
- Insanity Asylum
- Body Beast
- Shakeology Only
AND Running your ass off! =)

 OCR World Championships - Qualified
OCR World Championships

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