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What is a Beachbody Fit Club?

Beachbody Fit Clubs
 What is a Beachbody Fit Club?

Most people have heard of P90X and Insanity, they are among the TOP best-selling fitness programs of all time! What most people do not know is that there are Beachbody Fit Clubs all over the USA and Canada where you can try these workouts for free! You know, "try before you buy". If you ever wanted to try a Beachbody Fitness Program, or just enjoy Free Group Workouts, then you should definitely look into joining a Free Beachbody Fit Club in your area!

Beachbody is the company behind P90X, and they have about 20+ other fitness and nutrition programs under their belt, with new programs coming out almost every year. Most of the fitness programs were created so that you could do them from the comfort of your own home. But programs such as P90X, Body Beast and some Insanity workouts can also be done at the gym, or anywhere just as long as you have the workout sheets, app, and equipment. Whatever floats your boat, Beachbody has a program for you!

 Free Beachbody Fit Clubs
Beachbody Fit Club

Although some of the programs can be done at the gym, most people tend to do the programs from the comfort of their own home, and that's where the motivation factor comes to play. If you are someone who is "self-motivated" then you have nothing to worry about, but for some people, especially people who are just starting a fitness journey, most of them need all the motivation and support they can get. That's when people can really benefit from Beachbody Fit Clubs.

Some Beachbody Fitness Programs offered at Fit Clubs

What exactly are Beachbody Fit Clubs?
Beachbody Fit Clubs are organized by Beachbody Coaches. These coaches have been through most of the programs, and understand what it takes to complete the programs and how to stay motivated. The Beachbody Fit Clubs are hosted at local gyms, hotels, parks, churches, recreational centers, residential homes, and even online! The main objective is to educate people about Beachbody Fitness and Nutrition while helping the community stay active.

 Outdoor Beachbody Fit Clubs!
Beachbody Fit Club

Does it cost anything to attend a Beachbody Fit Club?
Most Beachbody Fit Clubs are free. Some workouts may be donation-based, but most are complimentary. All Beachbody Fit Clubs are supported and fully-funded by Beachbody Coaches.

Do I have to buy anything?
Absolutely not! Beachbody Fit Clubs are all about helping the community, and offering free information and advice. There is never any pressure to buy anything! Although the workouts are free, participants do have the option to purchase Beachbody Fitness and Nutrition Programs directly from a Beachbody Coach. When participants purchase from a Beachbody Coach, it helps fund and maintain the Fit Club and on top of that, participants will receive FREE Coaching and everything that they need to get the best results!

 813 Fit Club - Downtown Tampa FL
Beachbody Fit Club

How can I find a Beachbody Fit Club in my area?
I'm glad that you asked. It's very simple! Click here to get a FREE Team Beachbody Membership. This will allow me to be your Free Coach! Once we are connected, I can assist you in a number of ways to help you find a Beachbody Fit Club near you.

Gain Access To Find Beachbody Fit Clubs!
Beachbody Fit Clubs

Can I start a Beachbody Fit Club?
Absolutely! You must first become a Beachbody Coach =). For more information on Beachbody Coaching, please click here and simply fill out the "Coach Application" form. Once you are officially a Beachbody Coach, you will go through an easy Coach Basics Training program and you will then be given a manual on how you can start one on your own.

 Step-By-Step Guide - How to Start a Fit Club
Beachbody Fit Club

Whether you are looking for a place to workout for free, or you are currently participating in a Beachbody Fitness Program, Beachbody Fit Clubs will definitely help you with the motivation and support that you need. And that's not all! Most Beachbody Coaches also run Online Challenge Groups, so that you can stay connected and motivated with others who have similar goals as you.

Ask me about my Online Challenge Groups, as well as my Online Fit Clubs. I know how difficult it can be to finish a program. Getting the right support from the right people makes a huge difference! So feel free to message me about Beachbody Fit Clubs, or my Online Challenge Groups, I'll help you get results fast!

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