Thursday, August 14, 2014

Personal Development is OVERRATED!

That's what I used to think! 

As a child growing up, I was always very shy and introverted. I was the guy in the back of the room analyzing everyone else, and doing everything in my power to not be in the spotlight. I hid from my teachers and hated talking to people. I remember taking "zeros" on class assignments only because I did not want to go up in front of the whole class for a presentation. I lived my life that way for what seemed like a million years!! Don't get me wrong, I had a fun childhood, and I had some great friends, but it always took me awhile to make them, and get comfortable in my own skin with them.

I was always an Introvert
Personal Development for Introverts

I was like this all they way through my college classes. You would think that by the time I was in college that I would've come out of my shell already, but nope.....I sure didn't. I started to realize that maybe this was just the type of person that I was, and there was no hope for me.

Fast-forward to when I got married a few years later, I got involved with a very established Network Marketing Company. This company had been around for years, and what I was told is that they were the PIONEERS of the industry. This is what happened: One day I was visiting my parents in Pensacola (I was living in Tampa) and my parents had a little get together at their place and I noticed some guy in my parent's living room drawing on this white board. I'm like "who the heck is this guy?", but I just continued to listen. I said to myself that I could never do that, and talk to people about an opportunity, but I liked what he was talking about because it just made sense. My wife (now ex-wife, but such an awesome person, and a great mother) and I at the time decided to get involved with the business. It was so funny because I had my wife do all the presentations, and I acted like her secretary, yeah.....I was a wussy LOL! Then one day, one of my upline leaders confronted me and asked me who the man of the house was, and I felt a little offended by that, but at the same time, it made me realize that I was still hiding like I did when I was a little kid. I have not grown up.

 My first years in Network Marketing (far left)
(Before Team Beachbody)
My First Years in Network Marketing
It's always been a Family Business

After the conversation with my business upline coach, he introduced me to PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, and he told me about the "Book of the Month" program that our team had set up. He recommended that I start there. To make the long story short, I started doing presentations less than 2 months after I started reading the books that he recommended. It was like a game changer for me. I was only with that company for about 3-4 years, and within that time-frame, I had gained so much confidence in myself and was finally getting out of my shell.

My First Day in Network Marketing
(Before Team Beachbody)
First Day of Network Marketing
Opening the Business Kit (1996 - Pensacola, FL)

When things start looking good, something always has to happen. Another obstacle just tries to slow you down. I started going through some job changes, and then had a failed marriage. I ended up quitting Network Marketing to focus on getting my life back, and then started losing my self confidence again. It took me many years to get my feet back on the ground. I dabbled in a lot of money making schemes, made lots of money in the night life business, and had some bad relationships. I just simply lost myself.

Then one day I decided to do something with my life after years of depression and poor daily habits. My brother introduced me to P90X, and I got totally ripped and became a Beachbody Coach to help others with their goals. I didn't know at the time that Beachbody was a Network Marketing Company. I was shocked, but at the same time, I was glad because my experience with the prior company a few years back was a great experience. All I can remember was the positive energy that made an impact on me. I remember how awesome it was to be around like-minded, and goal oriented people. It was like family, and I just missed it.

As I started Beachbody Coaching, I thought to myself.....well, I don't need to read books, I know how the programs work, I'll just show people what I did, and they will follow. WRONG! =) I totally forgot about how everyone you meet has different personalities. In order for me to learn how to coach people, I had to learn about people. It wasn't about me, it wasn't about my system, it wasn't about my success......IT WAS ABOUT THEM. In order for me to become successful as a Coach, a leader, a father, a business man, I had to learn how to deal with people. This is always something that I struggled with growing up.

The one thing that I really loved about Beachbody is their products, and what they stood for. It's about living a healthy and fit lifestyle. We are not selling soap, coffee, or jewelry.....we're selling a "lifestyle". In most Network Marketing Companies, it's about selling things, products etc. And with most companies, you do not find success until you are already earning a good income. With Beachbody, it's totally different. The company and the coaches around you teach you how to become successful with your life and be happy with that. It's not about the money, it's about the changes that you make within yourself, it's about the process. I am in the "Life-Changing" business. We help people change their lives, and we get paid. It's not about selling soap, and still eating french fries in between meetings! Now I'm not saying that we are the only life-changing business out there, all I'm saying is that in this business, you will be successful even before you become successful, and there aren't too many companies that can do that for you.

Beachbody Coach Summit - Las Vegas, 2014
Personal Development Beachbody

So here I am coaching people and wondering why my business was not growing. It's because I was not focused on growing LEADERS. I was just focused on helping people lose weight and become better athletes, and I failed to show them how they can be fit and healthy and earn a living by doing that. I needed to educate myself again. So I went to my Coach for advice, and the first thing she asked me was "so which Personal Development book are you reading?" And I said, here we go again with this Personal Development BS =). But I remembered what my upline coach said many years ago that fired me up, he asked me "who is the man of the house Arnel?" And that's all I needed to hear again.

My Coach and I at a Beachbody Leadership Retreat - Orlando, FL
Personal Development Beachbody

 Hosting Beachbody Super Saturuday in Tampa, FL (2013)
Beachbody Coaching and Public Speaking

We all go through struggles, we all go through rejection, and the only way that we can get out of those situations is by helping ourselves. No one can do this for us, but ourselves! Personal Development has changed my life, my business, and I know that it can for you too. Whatever you are doing with your life, you have total control. There are a plethora of tools out there that can help you accomplish big things in life. If your goals and dreams are huge, and you are totally committed to them, but you don't know how to get there, here's my little piece of advice.....ask yourself this question: "what Personal Development book are you reading?"

The most important person is my life - MY DAUGHTER =)

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