Monday, August 25, 2014

25 Plyo Clap Push Ups

p90x plyo clap push ups
 25 Plyo Clap Push Ups

Today's workout was P90X Chest/Shoulders/Tris Workout with some Push Sleds in between sets. I love throwing stuff in with P90X because it helps me prepare for my obstacle course races, and most importantly, it keeps my workouts exciting. I would like to make a point here though: If you have not completed the full P90X program, then I do not really recommend hybrid workouts unless you are already at an advanced fitness level. P90X alone is VERY intense (one of the reasons why the success rate (people who finish the program) is pretty low), so to add additional exercises in between, it could be difficult for someone who is a at a beginner and/or intermediate level of fitness. Heck, it's even tough for most elite athletes! As always, listen to your body and always use proper form. Ask me about my upcoming P90X Challenge Groups, I will personally coach you through the program!

After the 19th exercise on the workout movement list, I was able to complete 25 PLYO CLAP PUSH UPS which I was actually shocked that I was able to do so. I can easily knock out 30+ Plyo Clap Push Ups without doing any exercises beforehand, so doing 25 after finishing 19 exercises prior PLUS a set of "Push Sleds" with a total weight of about 344lbs. (74lb Dog Sled with six 45lb plate weights), I was amazed! I have been doing a lot a P90X Weight Training and some Sand Bag Workouts, so I have been seeing some strength gains.

Plyo Clap Push Ups - 19th Exercise
P90X Chest Shoulders Tris

Here is a photo of me doing a 344lb Push Sled front and back. It's a great exercise to do in between P90X sets because it combines strength and cardio, which is exactly what I need when I am racing at a Spartan Race or other OCR's (obstacle course races).

 Push Sleds

If you are wondering where I am doing the above workout, it is at the Powerhouse Gym - Downtown Tampa. This place is amazing and even though I don't live in Tampa anymore, I still continue my membership at this gym because I love the facility so much! If you are ever in the Tampa, FL area, I highly recommend that you try to make a visit, you'll be glad that you did!

Here is the video of me doing the 25 Plyo Clap Push Ups. I wasn't going for height, I was primarily shooting for reps. Check it out:

25 Plyo Clap Push Ups - P90X

How many Plyo Clap Push Ups can you do? Feel free to comment below!

If you have any questions about P90X, or any of the other Beachbody Fitness Programs, please do not hesitate to contact me, I am here to help! =) Chat soon!

P90X at the GYM
P90X at the gym

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P90X Works! Try it now!

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