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5 Things People Think I Am, But I'm NOT

5 Things People Think I Am But I'm Not, Beachbody Coach Life, Becoming a Beachbody Coach, Beachbody Coach Stories, Arnel Banawa, Coach Life, Struggles of a Beachbody Coach
Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) - 2015

When I first signed up on Facebook, I was hesitant on sharing my personal life with anyone. I've always been someone who kept to myself, and I could describe myself as an "analyzer" and a "skeptic". I really don't know where that came from, but I believe that it's just a natural instinct for US humans,  "to question things". Maybe if I can just be upfront with you, and tell you that I am a true, extreme INTROVERT, that might better explain things.

Through the years, I've opened up to my friends more and more (and even family), and although it seems like it comes easy for me, it definitely isn't, "openness" actually terrifies me. As life moves on though, responsibilities take over and many people including myself are forced to think out of the box, and do things that are way out of our comfort zones. Change was always scary for me, but as soon as my daughter was born in 1996, my life was forever changed. Let me explain a little.

I began driving slower (yes, I am that annoying slow driver, but defensive driving kept my daughter safe), I began to set goals, financial stability became a priority, and more importantly, I began to open up. Why is "opening up" such a BIG DEAL? Well, it isn't a "big deal" for some people, but for me it meant being vulnerable. It meant more opportunity for rejection and negativity, and I hated that. Common or not, I know that I'm not the only one who felt this way either, I guess I just needed someone to show me the POSITIVE sides to the coin, the bigger picture if you will.

Change is scary but I've learned to accept it and adapt. I've had a BAZILLION jobs through my life, mostly in the hospitality industry. At one point, I had one job at a local casino in Tampa, FL and a nightlife marketing business which I built up from ZERO to a 6 figure income business. Once I made a decision to leave the nightlife business (for reasons to better myself as a father) I was forced to work up to 3 jobs at 100 hours per week just to make ends meet. I did that for what seemed like ETERNITY.

Is this really what LIFE is all about? Is happiness and true "TIME FREEDOM" only for the lucky ones?

Hardships is what everyone goes through when they do not want to settle at being so-called "average". And in all honesty, I was comfortable with my life for many of my single, childless years, but once my Princess came into this world, I knew that things had to change. Oh, the single part hasn't changed yet =).

I hit rock-bottom multiple times in the recent years, and I could've easily quit, in fact I did a few times. There were times when I just wanted to go away for good. Yes, I just wanted to go sometimes, why? Because it was just easier. Pretty crazy right, yup...but that's what I went through, and most people don't know about that, again this is why I still feel a little uncomfortable with Facebook sharing. I mean, how much is too much.

Fast forward to PRESENT DAY. I've met some amazing people who have showed me the POSITIVE sides to the coin, and although it may seem like I am living the dream (to some people) I am still working hard everyday to ensure the success and freedom for my family. It's just a never-ending journey, but most definitely something that I look forward too, day in and day out.

I am an humble Entrepreneur who is constantly learning. I am a MINIMALIST, and prefer to own less than more. I run a fitness-related internet company affiliated with an amazing lifestyle brand. I truly believe that TRAVEL is the best education and THERAPY in the world. I started a cause-related media project to raise awareness for charity. But most of all, I am HAPPY. Monetary things (money) means very little to me, but I have a huge understanding on how it can affect our lives, and how important it is in order to grow as a nation, global community, as well as, how it can create a better future for my family.

5 Things People Think I Am But I'm Not, Beachbody Coach Life, Becoming a Beachbody Coach, Beachbody Coach Stories, Arnel Banawa, Coach Life, Struggles of a Beachbody Coach


1.  I AM RICH - Nope, I am a hard-working father just trying to provide for my daughter and my family. I do not take short cuts, and prefer to give more than I make. Does this make me rich? It depends on what your definition of RICH is. I would say that I am rich in happiness, and I would love to meet more people who share the same views.

2.  I AM FIT - For some reason, people think that I am a fitness freak. I am far from that, and by no means is that my goal. I was introduced to obstacle racing by my brother Fermin after finishing multiple rounds of P90X, and I ran competitive for a few years until I accumulated some minor injures and unfortunately found out that my GOUT flare ups were caused mostly by my extreme training methods, so I had to step  down, put my ego aside, and just focus on being the healthiest that I could be. Although I was so upset that I could not race like I did in the past, something GREAT came out of it, and that is the creation of my OCRTUBE media project where I can still feel like I am part of the obstacle course racing community, whilst giving back to the community and making an impact in other people's lives. You see, everything happens for a reason.

3.  I AM A BLOGGER OR FILM PROFESSIONAL - I am a terrible writer/blogger and avoid the lime-light as much as possible. But this is something that I actually force myself to do just to adapt to change, and ultimately learn more about myself. I may NEVER be as fluid as Amelia Boone, Brett Stewart, Rachelanne Gladden, or Margaret Schlachter when it comes to the art of telling stories, and WOW, they are all absolutely amazing, but we all have our strengths and our weaknesses, and I'm not afraid to share mine with anyone, I guess that makes me real?

I make short obstacle racing, fitness, and travel videos/blogs but I've never been to film school, and I'll have you know, that I am my VERY worst critic! But I've learned that it's truly all about believing in the message that you are trying to project, and I am very passionate about what I do. Am I trying to be the BEST blogger, or the BEST filmmaker, or the BEST Coach? Not at all, I am simply trying to "pay it forward" in the way that I know BEST, because that's what others have done for me. #Grateful

5 Things People Think I Am But I'm Not, Beachbody Coach Life, Becoming a Beachbody Coach, Beachbody Coach Stories, Arnel Banawa, Coach Life, Struggles of a Beachbody Coach

4.  I AM PERFECT - I have had many negative reactions with certain Facebook posts that I have shared. For example: "Why do you workout every day?" "Why are you bragging about your travel adventures?" "Why are you promoting Beachbody all the time?" And the list goes on. When people see my posts, they think that I am living the perfect life. I am always spending time with my family, I am traveling all over the world, and I workout anytime that I want because I have nothing better to do. BUT, here's the thing, I DO NOT LIVE A PERFECT LIFE. In fact, I work very hard at what I do, and it is NOT glamorous by any means. I mean I probably still work 100 hours a week, every week. When I am with my family, I still have to make time to work on my business, or else I will not be able to spend time with them. When I travel, there are tough challenges with racism (yes unfortunately, this still happens, it's pretty sad), filming 8 hours in some of the most remote mountains in the world to have your camera footage stolen. And having the freedom to workout everyday is not always a luxury because mentally I am not always there. I still go through life challenges, I still pay bills, things do not always go MY WAY, because I am a real person just like you. I do not live the PERFECT life, but I just make the BEST of it. For me, a simple life is the best life.

5.  I DO THE IMPOSSIBLE -  "I want to do what you do!!!" I get that all the time. In the back of my mind, I say, "no you don't!" =). What I do and how I live my life is definitely not for everyone. Growing up in a family where "entrepreneurism" was highly-praised over job employment, I learned a lot about being independent. My father went from POVERTY in the Philippines to building a successful restaurant empire. He was not college-educated and learned everything from sheer HARD WORK and street knowledge. So when people tell me that I want to do what you do, BUT I CAN NEVER SELL, OR TALK LIKE YOU DO (really), OR MAKE VIDEOS LIKE YOU, OR WORKOUT LIKE YOU etc. that's not true, because frankly, I never knew how to do any of that, and I'm still learning. What made me decide to learn, accept change, and adapt is because I found my WHY, my purpose if you will. Every successful person that I have met has been driven by their WHY. Once you find out what the most important thing or person in your life, and you combine that with your non-negotiable goal, than you too can do what you once thought was IMPOSSIBLE.

I am still under construction, and I always will be, and frankly, I'm okay with that.

5 Things People Think I Am But I'm Not, Beachbody Coach Life, Becoming a Beachbody Coach, Beachbody Coach Stories, Arnel Banawa, Coach Life, Struggles of a Beachbody Coach
Pakse, Laos

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