Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sprint, Burpee, Push Up Burn Out SUCKS!

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TODAY was Day 4, Week One of my 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge and my father and I did the Resistance 1 Workout. I can definitely feel myself getting back into the game, and I also asked my Dad how he felt today, and he told me that he is not as sore, and see's better improvement on his strength just from 4 days into the challenge.

I actually prefer resistance workouts over cardio-based workouts, but I feel that my cardio is improving as well, especially because I've been incorporating some mountain biking into the mix.

One final note......the Sprint, Burpee, Push Up BURN OUT at the end of this workout really SUCKS! Anyone else agree? I hope to get better at it =).

Check out today's video, and we'll see you guys tomorrow!!

Day 4, Week One - 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge  | Resistance 1

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