Thursday, July 3, 2014

6 Minute Shaun T Workout + Spartan Super WOD

Today's workout consisted of a quick 6 minute Shaun T Workout which I used as a warm-up, a Spartan Super WOD as my main set, and T25 Cool Down stretch. I like to mix things up, so check out my workout, and feel free to try it out yourself, and post how you did in the comment section!

Here is the 6 Minute Shaun T Workout - Watch Video! (used as a warm-up)

Spartan Super WOD:
(I used the 6 min Shaun T Workout above to replace the Spartan warm-up)
Spartan Workout of the Day

 10 Jump Squats: (5X)
Jump Squats

Spartan Super WOD

50' Bear Crawl: (5X)
(I used the Insanity Asylum Agility Ladder - 1 up and back is one rep, 5 reps = 50')
Spartan WOD Bear Crawl

5 Burpees: (5X)

Spartan Workout of the Day - burpee

Spartan WOD

T25 Cool Down Stretch:
T25 Cool Down Stretch

 And that's about it! =) It was a pretty tough one for sure! Total time: 30 minutes

You can sign up for the Spartan Workout of the Day - click here, it's free, and a great way to change up your workouts, as well as help you train for an obstacle course race (if that's your goal). To get more information about Shaun T's Fitness Programs, feel free to check them out here!

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