Thursday, July 10, 2014

Body Beast Bulk Chest Workout

One Legged Decline Plyo Clap Push Ups
 Decline Push Ups "the crazy way"
(One-Legged Decline Plyo Clap Push Ups) Watch Video below!

Today's WOD was Body Beast Bulk Chest at my favorite place to workout, which is the Powerhouse Gym in downtown TAMPA, FL. I had Beachbody Coach Steven, and my buddy Aaron Wagner from Aaron Wagner Fitness join me for this BEAST UP session!

Just to let you know, I am not trying to bulk up, or gain mass, I mainly use the Body Beast Program to gain strength for my upcoming Obstacle Course Racing events, as well as just to stay strong and healthy. Body Beast can be catered to your fitness goals, but is mostly geared towards Body Builders and Fitness Models, but there are different workout schedules to suit every lifestyle. I highly recommend this program!

Let's workout: Click here to get the BODY BEAST WORKOUT SHEETS!

It always begins with a WARM UP which is about 2 minutes:
Jog, arm circles, bending the arms in right angle fashion to warm up the shoulders, a bunch of push-ups, and another light jog.

Incline Fly - 15/12/8
Incline Press - 15/12/8/8 (drop set)

Body Beast Bulk Chest Workout

Chest Press w/Rotation - 5/5/5/5/5

Body Beast Bulk Chest

Incline Press - 15/12/8/8/12/15

Close-Grip Press to Fly - 15/12/8

Body Beast Workout

Decline Push Ups - 15/12/8
(this is where we went a little crazy)

Cobra to Airplane - 10
Russian Twist - 30 sec. 
(we actually skipped the ab exercises lol) 

One Legged Decline Plyo Clap Push Ups 
(instead of regular decline push ups)
One Legged Decline Plyo Clap Push ups

And then we decided to do Weighted (45lbs) Decline Push Ups
(of course we were already wasted from the workout)
Weighted Decline Push Ups

Weighted Decline Push Ups


Oh and while we were just minding our own business, we saw these MONKEY BARS, so what would you do? Exactly, so we did them too! =)

 Aaron Wagner - Visit his website here!
Powerhouse Gym Tampa

 Coach Steven Cartagena - Check him out here!
Powerhouse Gym downtown tampa

It was a HELLA workout! Total workout time, hmmmm, not sure, but the Body Beast Bulk Chest Workout alone was about 30 minutes. We also did a 1 mile cool down run. Today was a good day! =)

Ask me about my Online Body Beast Challenge Group - Beast Up with me!
Body Beast Challenge Group

Take the Body Beast Challenge - Man Up. Hulk Up!

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