Thursday, July 17, 2014

Insanity Max Interval Sports Training

Ok, this SHI-take was bananas YO! Today I did Insanity Max Interval Sports Training at Pensacola Fit Club, and let me just tell you, the ENERGY was absolutely amazing!! 

This workout in particular is not included in the standard Insanity Workout program, it is an additional set of workouts which include: Max Interval Sports Training (not to sound redundant), and Insane Abs. It's basically for people who have acquired the elite level of fitness, and would like to incorporate it into their second month of the program, or to just add into their existing hybrid workouts. The exercises can also be modified to suit all fitness levels.

I'm not gonna lie, I got beat down! But who doesn't when they are doing Insanity. If anyone says that Insanity is easy, then they aren't pushing themselves hard enough, because this is the real deal! Are you ready?? Let's get on with the workout!

The WARM UP consisted of Jump Ropes (without a rope), Switch Heels, Switch Heels Higher, Jump Rope Side/Side, and some Cross Jacks.

Cross Jacks - I know, it looks like I'm Salsa Dancing, but trust me, I don't have that much rhythm =)
Insanity Cross Jacks

10 second break before the knee pulls. Thanks Shaun T, I appreciate the 10 seconds =)

Knee Pulls (high, medium, low) I wish I can say AMAZE-BALLS, but I'm not going to!
I pretended that I was a Rock Star, but in all reality, my legs were toast!
Insanity Knee Pulls

After the warm up, we get a quick water break, and go right into the first Sports Number:
- Single Jab Cross
- Jab Cross 2/2
- Jab Cross 4/4
- Jab Cross 8/8
- Single Uppercut
- Uppercut 2/2
- Uppercut 4/4
- Uppercut 8/8
- 8 Jabs/8 Power Jumps

Jab Cross - Watch out Pacquiao, "just sayin" LOL
Insanity Max Interval Sports Training

8 Jabs/8 Power Jumps
Insanity Power Jumps
 You see the guy behind me, under my right foot, that's my DAD, he's 70...what's your excuse?

Water Break

Our second Sports Number is:
- Football Drills (Fast feet to low plank, move side to side - 8 count)
- Tricep Pulses
- Tackle (kinda like a hop squat moving sideways 4 times, then back the other way, and pretending that you are hugging a tree - now I know you're confused)
- Offensive Line Elbow (similar to above, but now you're hitting your elbow up to your hand, then moving side to side)

This is my "I thought this was T25" look! =) #NeverGiveUp

Water Break

Sports Number Three:
- 3 Point Shot/Run  (I got this)
- Guard Drills  (I can feel my legs)
- Suicide Drills  (I'm losing my legs)
- Basketball Dribble  (I can't feel my legs)

Suicide Drills - Here I am trying to keep up with a girl, my sis/law #Fail =)
Insanity Suicide Drills
Jasmine Banawa

Water Break

Now we go into the fourth Sports Number:
GYMNASTICS! (this is when I start crying, but I do my best hold it in)
- Pike Jump
- Pendulum

 Ab Work: (sitting on your butt)
- 6 inch leg lift, flutter kicks, scissors kicks
Repeat Again

- V Push Ups
- Bronco Jumps

Pike Jump - Don't look at me, check out my brother Fermin with his nice form!
Insanity Pike Jumps

6 Inch Leg Lift
Insanity Max Interval Sports Training

Flutter Kicks
Insanity Flutter Kicks

V Push Ups
Insanity V Push Ups

Bronco Jumps - "LIKE THIS" because I did all 20 of them! 
Insanity Bronco Jumps

Water Break

And for the fifth Sports Number:
- Ladder 15 sec
- Ladder 30 sec
- Ladder 45 sec
- Ladder 60 (1 min)
(These are pretty much high knee sprints, just pace yourself here, I almost passed out!)
- Ladder 45
- Ladder 30
- Ladder 15
- Long Jump

Ladder Sprints - She's gaining on me, she's gaining on me!
Insanity Max Interval Sports Training

And here's my INSPIRATION, my father killing it at 70 years old!
Pensacola Fit Club - Serny Banawa

Cool Down Stretch - never skip this part!

So wow, that was a good one! If you are interested in taking the Insanity Challenge, I will coach you through it. I know how tough it is, but I know that if you stick with it, you will see some big changes in your life. I have seen so many people lose weight and become better athletes with this program, and I know that it can help you. Don't forget to drink your recovery and your Shakeology!

Till next time, keep it up guys! =)

Insanity Max Interval Sports Training - Pensacola Fit Club

Take the Insanity Challenge!


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