Sunday, July 6, 2014

P90X3 - MMX Workout

I did the P90X3 - MMX workout with my sister/law today, and it was pretty hilarious. We probably spent half the time trying to figure out the moves =). The second time around should definitely be much better! We did manage to break a pretty good sweat though, I was drenched!

The warm up consisted of some light cardio, and some nice little leg stretches.


The main workout consisted of 4 rounds. Each round consists of 4 exercises, with each exercise alternating from the right side for 30 seconds, then the left side for 30 seconds.

Round One:
- High Low Jab / Cross
- Hook / Uppercut / Front Knee
- Triple Jab / Cross / Back Knee
- Hook Elbow / Down Elbow

Hook/Uppercut/Front Knee

Hook Elbow/Down Elbow

Round Two:
- Jab / Over the Top Elbow / Crescent Kick
- Superman Punch / 4-Punch Scramble / Sprawl
- Lead Uppercut / Hook Elbow / Snap Kick
- Sprawl / Power Knees / Hook and Upper Elbow
(The Power Knees were done while down in the Sprawl. While in plank, you brought the knee up the the chest and back twice on the same side before standing up.)

Superman Punch/4-Punch Scramble/Sprawl
P90X3 Sprawls

Round Three:
- Upper Back Elbow / Hook Elbow / Back Kick
- Jab / Cross / Sprawl / Hook / Uppercut / Sprawl
- Push Kick / Snap Kick
- Hook / Uppercut / Hook / Uppercut / Sprawl

Upper Back Elbow/Hook Elbow/Back Kick
MMX Back Kick

Hook/Upper Cut/Hook/Upper Cut Sprawl

Round Four:
- Front Leg Check / Front Snap Kick / Superman Punch
- Jab / Cross / Sprawl / Scramble (Here the Scramble was done while on the floor in the Sprawl.)
- Jab / Cross / Hook Elbow / Over the Top Elbow
- Gladiator / Sprawl / Jab / Cross / Hook / Uppercut

 High Five for the last round! =)
P90X3 MMX Workout

Jab/Cross/Hook Elbow/Over the Top Elbow
MMX Workout

Cool Down Stretch

P90X3 MMX Stretch

And that's all folks! Let's give a hand to my sister/law Brenda, she did awesome!

P90X3 Workout

Overall, I would have to say that MMX is really not my type of workout, but this was considered my rest day, so anything is better than nothing right! =) The best part was working out with Brenda, and trust me, I still got in a good workout! My favorite exercise from the whole workout was the SPRAWLS!

Next time, I will be more familiar with the striking combinations, and I should be able to get a better workout from it! If you are into Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Les Mills Combat etc, then you would probably really love this workout! =) And being that fact that I have done the P90X3 workouts, MMX is a real nice break from the X3 craziness!

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